Flitto is a crowdsourcing translation platform that allows you to access any content in your native language.

Accurate, real time, cost effective translations at your fingertips.

Flitto is a crowdsourcing translation platform that allows you access all kinds of contents, including SNS and FUN comics, in your native language.

Flitto provides accurate, cost effective, real time translations that can be accessed from your mobile phone (iOS/android) and on the web

With Flitto, you can now understand and follow the SNS postings of your favorite celebrities and brands even if they don’t post in your native language. You can also understand and share comics with your friends around the world!

If you’re a translator, you can earn points, which can be exchanged for real goods AND you get to earn a good reputation among your fellow Flitto members.

Flitto provides human-powered, community verified, crowdsourced content.

Flitto doesn’t just break the language barrier…it smashes right through it.

For questions please contact help@flitto.com


  • Request translation

    Need fast translations for any content? With Flitto’s request translation feature you can translate ANY content, in either text or image form, by using the Flitto points you earn or buy. This feature is designed to conveniently provide everyone with accurate, real time, and cost effective translations.

  • Social commerce (group buying)

    Love traveling? Why not save some money and find social commerce deals in your travel destination? With Flitto, you’ll be able to find and buy social commerce deals to save money for your travels!

  • Travel information

    Do you love to traveling to different places and experiencing diverse cultures, but have trouble finding this information in your native language? Through Flitto, you’ll be able to find exclusive travel information that only local people know about in your native language!

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