Language Data

Flitto is a platform that provides crowd intelligence translation services in collaboration with our 10.3 million users around the world. Using this platform, we collect and provide a huge multilingual corpus of language expressions used by native speakers of the region, and voice and handwriting image data as well. By using our collective intelligence platform, we quickly build large amounts of language data and efficiently manage it with our accumulated experience and knowledge. We tag the collected data with metadata (e.g. gender, age, locations, etc.) and provide it to customers.

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Sample Data

Language Pair Format Encoding Size
English -> Chinese (Simplified) CSV UTF-8 4KB Download
English -> Arabic CSV UTF-8 4KB Download
English -> Indonesian CSV UTF-8 5KB Download
English -> Japanese CSV UTF-8 5KB Download
English -> French CSV UTF-8 5KB Download

* Other formats are available upon request.

Flitto's CMS Initiative

Corpus Management System

As a language data provider, Flitto has been providing various solutions that make us a pioneering company in the industry. We provide not only translation platforms, but also a new crowdsourcing-based corpus creation system.
Our greatest strength is our ability to create language data quickly with competitive costs using our user participation-based 'Arcade' service, which is one of our CMS features.

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What is Arcade?

Arcade is a service that allows users to earn points by performing various language-related tasks, such as translating, editing, proofreading, and transcribing text, images, audio, and video data.

Examples of Using Arcade

1. On the Web

2. Using the App