Things that should never be said during a lovers' quarrel
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Things that should never be said during a lovers' quarrel
Lets break up : If you tell your partner that you want to break up, then your partner actually prepare to do so on his(her) mind.
You made me disappointed: When you heard these words , you think that the thing which you endeavour is useless
Yes you're the boss : It sounds like you don't want to solve anything by conversation which is felt slighted
I'm just this sort of person : this kind of talk makes listener give up.
My previous lover wasn't like this. : It is the worst saying, comparing present lover with a previous lover.
I'm tired let's talk about it tomorrow : It is often used expression of men when the fight gets big!  If you fought, settle it right off.
You think you know me? : It is expression that makes lovers get wound who need to understand each other.
Have you done anything good for me? : Think yourself what you've done for him or her before you say like that.
Swearing : Please, don't use this. Situation could be worse to make you swear but your partner only thinks it's just blaming.
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