Horribly Awkward Things That Happen Every Time You've Got A Crush
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Horribly Awkward Things That Happen Every Time You've Got A Crush
1. You accidentally "like" one of their photos from 2011
2. You see a photo of them on Instagram with someone who looks like competition
3. They send you an emoji that makes you wonder what’s even going on
4. You realize AFTER spending a long time talking to them that there is something wrong with your face or clothes
5. You fart
6. You accidentally talk about them while they’re in earshot
7. You totally misjudge their greeting
8. Your face turns bright red when you’re talking to them
9. You pretend to like something that they like and then get called out on it
10. You try to make a joke and fail miserably
11. You realize too late that you’re sweating profusely
12. All of your friends not-so-subtly tease you when they see him/her approach
13. Their arm or leg brushes up against yours and you have no idea if you should stay absolutely still or pull away
14. You accidentally choke on your own spit and have an uncontrollable coughing fit while they’re talking to you
15. They catch you while you’re silently fantasizing about something that will never happen with them… and making all the accompanying facial expressions
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