a world famous architecture you should visit once in a life time
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a world famous architecture you should visit once in a life time
1. Fuji TV Building - Tokyo, Japan : This building is very famous ! Not only the diameter of 32m and 1,200 tons of huge globe shaped observatory at the center of construction, there are so many things to look around.
The twisted 'upper body' constructure!- Malmo Sweden. This building were inspired by the hunman upper body which is popular all over the world.
3. Atomium - Brussels, Belgium : the overall shape express the moment of an atomic fission. Especially at night times, when the light is on, it gets more beautiful!
4. National Centre for the Performing Arts - Beijing, China : This opera house called 'a giant egg' can admit 5,454 visitors. Isn't it amazing?
5. Krzywy Domek - sofot, poland : It is a strange looking building that looks like an mixed image of image appears to be a convave lens and a convex lens~ it's inside make me lead to a question!
MAC-Niterói Contemporary Art Museum - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: At night, the light from the stereobate filled with water directs a beam at the bottom of the museum to highlight it, and it creates a fantastic scene as if the museum is floating in the air!
7. Capital Gate - Abudabi, Arab Emirate : This architecture is known to be more  tilted to the ground than the leaning tower of Pisa, and is also recognized as the world's most tilted man-made architecture in the Guinness World records.
8. Library of Alexandria - Alexandria, Egypt : The architecture was intended to resemble a rising Sun. There are stone plates decorated on the outer wall of the library, in which native letters from several countries are encrypted forming a mozaic-like feature.
9. The Piano House - Anhui, China : There is a huge architecture resembling the piano which was made by cooperation between students majoring architecture and a design company. Inside a violin-shaped building, there's an elevator that links the building to the piano building.
10. Container House - London, England : a kind of house that is built by connecting several containers which is usually seen in seaports. Since the colors of the house are various, it doesn't look like dull gray containers anymore.
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