A Quote from Kim Uh Joon of Cheong Chun Frstival: "Life, it is scarily short"
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A Quote from Kim Uh Joon of Cheong Chun Frstival: "Life, it is scarily short"
When I was backpacking, I found a tailor shop by a main street in Paris.
i saw the suit that was hanged at the the couture house, I was putting the suit on like that's mine. and i lifted dress shirts and ties and shoes out of it and then put them on too.
All things happen in 30 seconds. As fast as someone finding clothes that he left.
but it turns out awesome when I just put the clothes on. it was like 120-thousands won. at the moment, I have got 1.2millions won in my pocket.
so I would buy that but I saw there is one more '0'. 1200 dollar... It is much more expensive than the sum of cost whatever I have bought.
I could not help getting off the shop, putting the clothes on. The man in the mirror was so looking great. 2 month left backpacking, forward.
My trip is just left 2 months, I'll not fall in starving if I use just 20,000won per day. I add feeling of relief like this 60 days more.
Is the happieness which is made from 60 days-relief bigger than happieness made by buying a suit right now? I don't think so.
1. Go out
2. When I will be thirty, I will go back and buy suits that I like the most.
3. Two months of backpack travel doesn't come still, doesn't it?
So I just bought it. I slept outdoors wearing it. I found out later that the suit was BOSS
Next day,  I woke up and started to worry. 
Oh...shit. I've got only fifty thousand, what should I do?
And I told handing money left over after I slept in accommodations. 
"If I will bring three guests from a station, you should accept me.
I said if I bring more than five people, give me a commission per person after fifth. 
On that day, I brought thirty people within one hour.
I'm wearing BOSS.
i turned the tables on them in the course of a week. and 500,000won fall into my hand. then i happen to think that "why should i help their own business?"
at this time, east europe is not so many home stay. i rent one home house by 500000 won that the money burn by hotel working.
And then, I went to a station. 'In this time, do not only deal with asian.' I told to handsome guy who get off from train as I will feed you and give you a sleep when you work for me.
Why shouldn't do this? I wear BOSS! We hire some English friends as part-timer, and we got big hit.
Price was cheep and young and pretty chicks work there part time. I was pimping there for a month, I had some money, and spent money.
And when I left the Czech, I have 10,000 dollars left.
all the things? It was made possible by bought BOSS suit
After that moment, I have a principle that I've kept till now. "Must be happy right now."
People think that they can use happiness later like an installment deposit.
Be happy later? The opportunity to be happy could disappear forever when time passes. So you should try to be happy 'now'.
There is nothing more funny than the plan. There is no way that the plan is going to work.
Live happily, as it is.
Life, it's darn short.
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