The interesting trick hidden in Canadian passport.
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The interesting trick hidden in Canadian passport.
July, 2013 The new Canada passport has been released. It looks like ordinary, but there is incredible secret!
If you shine the ultraviolet rays light, you can meet the beautiful hologram in this way.  +_+
In order to make the passport forgery more difficult, the canadian government put such trick.
The fact that they didn't announce it to Canadian citizen when they made public then!
It's a very save passport for security because of the machine readable zone on its surface border that can be only recognized on the checkpoint.
So, the fact that the passport forgery is impossible!
Netizens began to be excited acknowledging the facts that are hidden in literally ordinary passport.
a passport or a work of art @.@
In such a dull city landscape
If you expose it to the UV ray
what magic is hidden here~?
it is like a scene of masterpiece... oh my god so beautiful...
The method government invented to prevent passport forgery is same as the birth of new work of art :D
the more you see Canadian passport the more you want it!
I am begging you please.
I want to have even a similar thing.
All of you have same thoughts with me? Hoping that our passports would be like that.
come to me.
It was Canadian passport which doesn't lose to be beautiful to the end!
Oh.. It is truly beautiful.  T_T
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