Top 15 hotels you have to visit before you die
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Top 15 hotels you have to visit before you die
There are so many interesting hotels around the world! 
Among them, here are the top 15 hotels that you should definitely visit before you die.
Hotel Moulin de Roc in France..
When I drink a cup of tea, does it feels like a fairy tale..?
2. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland.
They say if you are lucky you can lie down and admire an aurora from the night sky, right?
3. Lion Sands in the Republic of South Africa. It is a unique hotel located in a natural preserve.
4. conard Rangli island resort located in Maldives.
The world's first resort built in water. Fantastic!!!
This is Attrap Reves Hotel in France.
This is a unique hotel located in the woods. I hope to visit there some time.
6. It's Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi in Sweden.
Ice Hotel.. Even the name kind of makes you freezing. The bed is also designed as a form of ice.
This is a unusual hotel, Giraffe Manor, located in Kenya.
Is it amazing to have breakfast with giraffe?
8. Harry potter Hotel located in London.
A hotel that reproduced the dormitary! You wouldn't want to miss it if you are a Harry Potter fan!!
This room is France Marseille's Half Graffiti room.
It kinda makes me feel dizzy as I keep looking at it.
10. This place is called Montana Magical Lodge. Wow, look at that mysterious aurora from outside.
11. Next is The Glass Floor Udang House in Bali, Indonesia. 
Wow... you can watch real fish passing by on the bed! I really want to go!
12. It is Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel in Sweden. 
You can enjoy modern life in nature.
13. This is Fairy Chimney Hotel in Turkey. 
Excuse me? In what universe is this a hotel?
Oh, looking closely, I found that it was indeed a hotel! So-called a cave hotel.
He has been very popular these days, hasn't he?
This is V8 Hotel located in Stuttgart, Germany.
Wow! It is a really nice bed I want to try to lie down some time.
15. Lastly, the hotel located at äscher cliff in  Switzerland.
How can a hotel stands on the cliff?!
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