Reasons Why Children Are The Worst People On The Planet
  • Original English | 2015-01-24
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Reasons Why Children Are The Worst People On The Planet
It should go without saying that kids are the worst, but just in case you don't believe it...
Know that kids are the destroyers of dreams.
They'll ruin your day...
..Or, y'know, your life.
It's just in their nature.
They'll take a perfectly cute act of affection and hit it in the face.
Or a cute moment between siblings and, well, hit it in the face.
And don't forget a charming game of baseball. That's ruined, too.
Or ponies.
Or chaos.
Gross chaos.
I mean really, really gross.
And what do you get in return? Nothing.
Besides maybe some tattletaling regarding your indulgences...
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