Oh,my princess :Song HyeGyo
  • Original Korean | 2015-01-26
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Oh,my princess
:Song HyeGyo
Song Hye-gyo who hasn't shown herself up to the public in recent!
Since I was watching 가을동화 (Autumn Tales) and 풀하우스 (Full House),
She was a goddess in my heart.
The only name that I wish to shout till death! Song! Hye! Kyo!
Personallt, sh is so beautiful.
She managed well to assimilate and play her role as a blind woman in " That winter, Wind blows "
That's what you call a mood beauty..
Oh my goddness
Is she really a person (human) like me ?
It seems like a scene from the movie taken lately!
It's just 'cause it makes my heart flutter...:)
This is when the goddess was 19 years old..
goddess are not get an year. 가 의역한 문장이지만 앞에 In my opinion이라던지 제의견입니다. 라는문장을 붙이면 완벽할거같습니다.
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