OKCAT: Oasis of Seoul citizens, Seoul Forest
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OKCAT: Oasis of Seoul citizens, Seoul Forest
OKCAT: On this shinny day, I always want to go out to Seoul Forrest-miaow ! 
BF: I knew that you would say that ! I have already made a meal box of kimbap so let's go !
Ttukseom Island that was originally with a golf club and a horseriding course is now developed as a residential area, so Seoul Forrest is now ready to provide resting places to Seoulities-miaow !
Seoul Forest where people can enjoy together is constructed with 5 themes. Culture and Arts Park, Eco Forest, Experience studying, Marsh Eco Park and Waterfront Han-River Park.

OKCAT: You can see elks and beautiful spotted deers!
BF: What a nice horn!
Seoul Forest provides a rest to citizens in the midst of Seoul city. And it's such a good place to take a picture on your dates. If you really want to feel a sense of peace in the center of a city, take a mat and go to the Seoul Forest, Nyang!
OKCAT: BF(Best Friend), please prepare a meal box next time, too, Nyang! (Tong Tong)
BF: Let's play rock-paper-scissiors, Okcat.
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