The moment when kids look way cuter than animals
  • Original Korean | 2015-02-09
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The moment when kids look way cuter than animals
When you bring up child and animal together, you can often find out that the child mimic the animal.
so prepared!!
the childrens are cutier than animal!
You're occupying an aquarium. Are you a fish or something?
My family has no need for any pet dog.
i'm learning now how cat acts. ㅇ.ㅇ
the person who took this photo heard his/her son was making a weird cat sound and found him doing
A common way my daughter dirnks some milk.
Let's have a lunch together!
Once I eat first
let's share it nicely
Why don't we take a walk since we got full
let's see who wins!
let's fall asleep in puppy's bed.
Don’t you know who person is, who dog is with glancing at?
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