Magical powder, very effective for broken hearts.
  • Original Korean | 2015-02-23
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Magical powder, very effective for broken hearts.
I am done with you.
And just like that, the farewell came without any warning
Would it make me feel any better after having fun all day long?
Amusement park
Welcome! have a good afternoon
A man : thanks
Nothing can make me feel better
Man : (sigh)
Pierrot : Hey, What's wrong with you?
Gosh!! It was not a mannequin??
hahaha! My friend.
Tell me all about your concerns.
Man : Got dumped by girlfr...
Pierrot : huh!
Don't worry!
I'll beat your blues.
I would do that cause I'm a so-called Pierrot! haha..
This is the one which heals the sickness of the mind
It's magic powder.
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