16 Things Every Dog Owner Has Secretly Done
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16 Things Every Dog Owner Has Secretly Done
1. Cancelled plans with someone because you don't think you dog has had enough attention for the day.
2. Used your dog as an excuse to get out of an event you didn't want to attend. "Oh I would love to go, but my dog hasn't been out all day. Maybe next time!"
3. Found yourself in the middle of a full-on one-sided conversation with your dog about your life. Obviously he has no clue what's happening or what you're saying.
4. Let food fall out of your mouth or off your plate because you know your dog will just eat it.
5. You may not admit it, but at some point you've had to choose between using a napkin to wipe the food off your hands and letting your dog lick them clean, and you chose the dog.
6. Been genuinely disappointed after bringing your dog a toy and seeing that he was uninterested in it. "But I thought you'd love this?" you say out loud, for some reason.
7. Even if you started out saying your dog wasn't allowed in the bed, you quickly changed your mind when you realized he was the perfect way to keep your feet warm.
8. You know it's ridiculous, but you've quickly put a towel around you after taking a shower so your dog didn't see you naked.
9. You've actually said, "I'll be right out" when your dog has scratched at the door while you're in the bathroom. Like they have any idea what you're saying.
10. When people come over you pretend the dog isn't allowed on the couch, but when they leave, we know the truth.
11. Showed up 10 minutes late to work because you were busy trying to decide which TV channel your dog would enjoy watching most while you're gone.
12. Moved to a different chair because your dog looked so comfortable you didn't want to disturb him, even though if you did he would be back asleep in minutes.
15. Seen a stick lying in the grass and thought, "I bet my dog would love that stick."
16. Spent more time picking out the right food for your dog than you have planning meals for yourself.
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