the people who have been dying now
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People Who Are Definitely Dead Now
RIP this kid.
RIP this Marlboro cowboy.
RIP this diving swan.
RIP these future PGA tour players.
RIP this iron-lunged champion.
RIP these not so hunters.
RIP this girl who learned a valuable lesson about peer pressure.
RIP this girl who was finally the center of attention.
RIP everyone involved in this choice.
RIP this guy who wasn't picky about his friends.
RIP this girl who let a goat smell her fear.
RIP these two guys who had a bond only hungry lions could break.
RIP this responsible tooth brusher. And RIP this minty-fresh bathroom spider.
RIP this demo guy who hopefully at least got paid overtime.
RIP this MacGyver who flew too close to the sun.
RIP this bushwhacker who retired too early.
RIP this guy who finally overcame his fear of water.
RIP this couch potato who was never going to ride it anyway.
RIP these pool-boys who wanted to have their cake and heat it electrically too.
RIP this grease monkey who became a grease stain.
RIP this girl who will be remembered as "the wild and crazy" friend.
RIP this boat that should have stayed in the shallow end.
RIP this dedicated sax man who just wanted to fit in some more practice before the big concert.
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