15 items that you wanna own! because of its freshness and attraction.
  • Original Korean | 2015-03-02
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15 items that you wanna own! because of its freshness and attraction.
USB is directly plugged into the port to charge!
leak preventing hole! a man who made this seems Smartee~
Such a good space utilization!
What?! A pizza bending machine?? I will eat a pizza everyday!
Rotate to sit after the rain!
woowak how~ ithiwoo yeah woo~
Bullies might take it away if you take it to school, be careful!
I'm going to go out and pick up recyclable materials from today.
OMG this is a must- have item ! where can i get it
don't you think the tape that shows the center line comfortable?
Using temperature as a way of recharging mobile phone, it is possible right?
Perfect washroom to get constipated.
Take a close look! It's 48.
This pen let you know a color when you touch the target with tip of the pen and use the color.
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