12 ways of diet that you should never follow
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12 ways of diet that you should never follow
The most important thing you should keep in mind when trying to lose weight is to do it in a right way. From now, I will tell you wrong ways to go on a diet.
1.Raw Veganism - It is literally eating raw food. Its problem is inefficient process. Raw vegan should make juice,blend,dry,germinate,slice and chop food materials...
2.Alkaline Diet - This way is avoiding processed food and mainly eating fresh vegetable and fruit. But Dr.Ochner said human body can adjust balance of pH levels for itself so we don't need to avoid some food to adjust it. Furthermore, there is no research said pH levels effect weights.
3. Blood type diet - this kind of diet insists that each blood type should eat different food. However, there is not a research that proves a correlation between blood type and weight yet.
Werewolf Diet - This diet is asked to fast according to the lunar calendar in one word. If instead of a meal with water and juice every time the moon rises in the clearing that you'll pull a 3kg in one day. Oak Dr month but you do not have anything to do with diet, weight eventually warned would be the origin.
5. cookie diet - doctor segar(??스펠링뭐져)'s cookie diet is losing weights by eating cookies. Have 500 to 600kcal of high protein cookies for breakfast or lunch. Keep doin this way than you will probably lose your weight. however you might over eat your dinner when you couldnt eat what you want.
Five bite to eat diet - eat wanna eat anything. Just five bite to eat. Eating good food in small quantities. The problem is that even gonna matter how many calories you can not eat a bite of food five required daily intake of calories.
7. lemon detox - way of removing water by drinking mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and powdered red pepper for a period from a week to ten days. The problem is that  the weight returns to the starting point if you eat ordinary food again. Furthermore, side effects like fatigue, disgusting and dehydration can happen.
8. a cabbage soup diet - It is known as the original diet, to feast on a non-fat cabbage like soup. But It is also nothing less than a short-term diet.
It's a logic that losing 12kg per 5days is possible because grapefruit has enzyme that burns fat. Eating(or Taking) fruits or vegetables for each meal is good. but eating grapefruits or grapefruit juice only for diet is a problem.
10.Sleeping beauty's diet - Don't eat when asleep. 엘리스 프레슬리 preferred this way of diet, an extreme diet by sleeping a lot and eating less. The problem is that people take sedatives to sleep while keeping the hunger away.
Maybe the best diet way is as I think, just eating adaquately and doing exercise hard ^0^
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