A series of funny afternote of shopping mall
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A series of funny afternote of shopping mall
It's little small for me. Please exchange this purchase for me.
Obviously I ordered a scarf...
instinct of escape
New concept of clothing, which you wear up to your face
A cloth with one piece in the busy morning
A toenail cover
This is first sportwear I bought, and it fits me so well!
Customer - I enjoyed your health drink I received last time
Shopping mall - The product we sent you was not a drink, but multi-cleansing oil...
customer - thanks for the candy. i liked it.
shopping mall - it was a soap...not a candy.
Customer - The grape jam is so delicious. It is different with others and I enjoyed eating with dipped bread.

Shopping mall - Sir. The one that I sent it to u is wine shampoo not grape jam. Better go to hospital.
Customer- I got slapped on the face for gving him a sleep shade for a present.

Shopping mall- It is panty liner not a sleep shade.
customer- i gave my girlfriend a mouthwash and she dumped me
shopping mall - it's an aloe mist, not a mouthwash..
I bought it because it looked pretty..
i bought Son na-eun's neat from the internet.
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