10 ways to improve self-confidence.
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10 ways to improve self-confidence.
1. Get out of your comfort zone. Try and face unknown situations and conditions, and seek to break your own limits.
2. Don't always blame yourself, live happily and freely. Remember, we are unable to control the minds of others. On the other hand, listen to others advice, but dont adhere to them completely.
3. Embrace your fears. It is okay to be afraid but don't ever let fear take over you.
4. No one is perfect. The pursuing of perfection will cause you to not have faith in yourself. So know when to forgive yourself.
5. Never forget you are a great man. A famous lifestyle coach, Jack Canfield says, "Self-acknowledgement and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments."
6. Keep good physical condition that can make you confident
7. Mind your attitudes. You should be conscious of them and they need to be confident too. Walking with your head and shoulders down not only makes you depressed but also gives others negative impression.
8. 자신의 주장을 표현하는 것을 연습하자. 자신이 필요한 것을 표현한다면 기적이 생길 것이다. 그러니 당당히 자신의 원하는 것을 요구해보라. 지금 당장.
9. Your thoughts must also be confident. Thinking of extreme results will lead to unnecessary unease, and this way you will be unable to do anything well. It is better to channel your energy to think about other possibilities.
Don't regret it just bear it. There's still tomorrow. The past does not influent the future.
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