100 Years of the Coca-Cola Bottle and its History
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100 Years of the Coca-Cola Bottle and its History
coca cola started by John Pemberton, pharmacist of Atlanta, who makes it mixed with several ingredients to relief headache and hangover
In 1894,after 8 years, Coca-Cola was firstly bottled and came to the market. In 1915,Alexander Samuelson and Earl R Dean, who were glaziers, designed the first contour bottle.
The early contour bottle design, inspired by the illustration of Kakao bean’s pod, After some progress by making it thinner and more slender, today’s contour bottle came to the market.
Come to the modern time, Coca-cola used new type of Aluminium for making contour bottle, Their attempt on new thing keep going on such as they use vegetable fibre materials to produce PET bottle which is considered innovative.
This is Coca-Cola bottle in 1899 which is the oldest model among Coca-Cola bottles.
This is a Coca-Cola bottle which is made in 1906.
It's 1915's coke bottle
Coca-Cola bottles started to get released in pack from 1923.
This Cocacola bottle is in 1950s.
Advertisement poster of Coca cola in 1955s
1957 had been the first white label marked Coca-Cola bottle.
This is a Coca-Cola bottle in 1960, which is a form of aluminium can.
In 1993, The Coca bottle like pet shape was showed up.
This Cocacola bottle was unconventional designed  in 2008.
in 2009, Coka Cola in the 100 percent recyclable bottle named plantbottle showed up.
It is the image of bottles of the current Coca Cola in 2015.
Coca-Cola also made variable Coca-Cola edition through colaboration of celabrities or brands.
first is the aditiin of COMME des GARCONS that is designed for collaborating with clthing brand COMME des GRCONS
Made by an imagination of Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean Paul Gaultier edition.
The edition of Nathalie Rykiel
Collaboration with Coca-cola Light featuring sexy and wild image of Roberto Cavalli.
Italian designer Moschino's work
The collaboration of Karl Lagerfeld and Coca Cola Light is the simplest and very splendid~
Patricia Field, who became famous as a costumer of an American TV show, Sex and the City!! She expressed the four charms that modern women should have. Each design feature is Career, Passion, Love, and Fassion!!
007 SKTFALL edition
At last, this is London Olympics edition for celebrating London Olympics.
Coca-Cola bottles that have been loved for a hundred years. Keep enjoying it nicely and refreshingly!!:)
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