To avoid becoming a nuisance wedding guest ....? ★ The learned wedding guests fashion.
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To avoid becoming a nuisance wedding guest ....? ★ The learned wedding guests fashion.
Spring,Wedding season has come !! But, I have no clothes to wedding????
그래서 준비했습니다. ☞ so I've got this (Here we are.) 맥락에 따라 다양한 표현이 가능합니다.

What would be the best dress (clothes) according to wedding TPO? Shall we (Let's) get to know more things about wedding guest fashion?
The easiest way is so-called color coordination! You can  coordinate clothes with quiet colors, such as black, navy or grey
Lee Dahee, actress, has a body of coca-cola, whose jacket, leather pants, anckle boots, cluch are all black. It's so cheek and fashionable!
Kim Goeun tries on a suit in matching colors! She chose the same color pants with the nude tone jacket, then the rest of items are black &white colors which are toned down. This fashion emphasizes her own innocent girl image.
Wait! No way..., Is there anyone who drees in white color like 'AOA'? These white color matching is never allowed because of overlapping the color of brides' white dress.
if you really want to wear white clothes, you should wear just blouse or you can put on dark outer. when you take a picture, we can wear.
Now it's the next step. If you feel it's too simple with color matching, why don't you put a point color on your look just like Ji-Woo Choi, who has a fashion style at the edge. If you slightly add a fancy item on the base of color matching, you'll just look stylish.
Kang Min Gyung's fashion point is on her shoes. She is wearing distinctive blue color heels. The heels made her wearing stylish with all black style outfit which could be seen boring.
Han hyojoo gave the simple and chic look by giving a point of unique blouse!
화장실은 어디에?
Ko so-young, she has pointed by black bag, black shoes, black thick belt, and Hot orange one-piece dress. It gorgeously dress makes her more beautiful!
like "Kim SungRyeing" try unique cloth that has been saved for special day in your closet. one price with elegant lace patterns and jacket are good match to appeal your elegance.
surely, there are few rules. Please avoid "Too much" . Considering a formality of this meeting, a "high fashion" that reflects far too much personal favour can be looked very odd.
Please note all the above to be a guest with the best fashion sense!!
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