How do they look in your eyes? (controversial photographs) they=controversial photographs
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How do they look in your eyes? (controversial photographs)

they=controversial photographs
Do the colors of A part and B part look different?
Is this kitty coming up? Or going down?
And surely the dress, which color has caused a tremendous boom! Anyways, is it blue and black or white and gold?
What a controversial picture!  With regard to the square-shaped lego part with different colors below, what color does it look like to you?
Is this apple a photograph or painting?
Which building is the one at front?
Why don't you know the building no.2 is in front of no. 1!! that is so selfish!!
In this photo A and B are actually the same color!! This usually occurs because of optical illusion. The surrounding colors effect its appearance sometimes making it it grey or even light grey.
The answer of the picture of the cat is 'going down'. Take a good look at the cat's shadow and the both side of the edge of stair!
The dress which was the center of debate was originally this color.  Is it blue/ black?
All these debates are the result of color compensation by lights. In case of the people who see the picture as white/gold, they think it is a picture of 'a shady white and gold dress(by the backlight)' and their brain go through the color compensation process. On the other hand, those who see the picture as blue/black, they think it is a picture of 'a blue and black dress with the strong light' and as well their brain go through the color compensation process in a different way.
Look at it this way, do you get it?
It is known that according to the color one see from the shadowed part below the picture of the Lego figure can determine one's agressiveness. Gray : neutral / Yellow, orange : agressive / Red : psychopathic
The apple, was it a photo?  A picture?  This case, a picture was the correct answer.  Can you believe it?
For this picture, there is no answer available just yet. If there is any one of you who knows, please tell me in the comments!
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