I want to enjoy delicious food to be full! 10 jumbo size food.
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I want to enjoy delicious food to be full!
10 jumbo size food.
Food disappears when I am about to really start eating....(or is it just me?) See what we have prepared for people who feel the same way! Are you ready to be stuffed?
1. Shaved ice with Oreos - Everything at the surface of shaved ice is 100% Oreos!!!!! It seems like we could stay cool this summer even without air conditioner~
2. Jumbo steak bowl of rice served with toppings - all the accumulated distraction are the meat!!!  The food weighs as much as 1 kg...
3. Triple-portion udon - amount of food for 4 people in one bowl?!?!? And yet, they even have extra noodles prepared for people who want more!!
4. Gut destroying burger - top-class craft burger with a scary name.... Be careful not to get your mouth ripped when you try to eat everything in one bite!
Hoigi Pajeon(spring onion fancake) - Thickness of Hoigi Pajeon is different from any other Pajeons. Skin is very crispy as like as fried. It's so delicious!
6. A big cotton candy - A magic cotton candy that makes Kang-Hodong's face smaller when he has and hold one.
7. 1m Don't ask king skewer - enormous length of king skewer starts from the ceiling! Food on skewer is various so you can enjoy taking food from the skewer.
8.  Jumbo ramyeon, if there is an udon, there is a ramyeon!!  I also really like ramyeon.... It is a fantasy food for ramyeon manias!!
9. 32cm ice cream - the revolution of ice cream business!  Speed ​​is essential if you want to eat before it melts ~
Feast your eyes on our Ginourmous 45 cm pizza. All 10.18 inches of ooey gooey nirvana. Youll get full after just one bite!
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