SAY "NAMASTE" and Speak Your Heart to Nepal
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SAY "NAMASTE" and Speak Your Heart to Nepal
For one time only, try to wake your imagination
You are about to have a sweet nap on a peaceful, drowsy afternoon
But all of a sudden, your bed starts to shake. Your family picture that was hanging on the wall falls onto the floor, breaking into pieces.
The whole world is shaking. You can't steady yourself. A great fear you have never experienced comes to you from the bottom of the earth. But, you have to survive. You have to get out of here.
Oh, but your mom. Where in the world is she? You call her, but she doesn't answer.
But you can't stay inside the house because you are too terrified with the whole situation.
All the people on the street are terrified. They are running and screaming, trying to avoid collapsing buildings.
My mom is still inside...
I cried out loud calling mom again and again.
I lost my mom, home, and my goat just in a second. I lost everything. Tell me, how should I live now? Do I even have a single hope left in my life? I miss my mom so much.
This is one of the heartbreaking stories in Nepal.

A lot of attention from all over the world is heading towards Nepal, but help is still needed. Imagine if this has happened to you.
It is not only the daily necessities and relief supplies they need right now. They may need a word of comfort telling them not to lose hope because we, on the other side of the earth are also seeing their pain.
BECAUSE 'to Heal' is to Empathize
Say "NAMASTE" and speak Your Heart to Nepal. Leave your message in YOUR LANGUAGE
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