Korean Men's Fashion vs. American Men's Fashion: Who Wore It Best?
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Korean Men's Fashion vs. American Men's Fashion: Who Wore It Best?
Men’s fashion has been evolving rapidly. However, every country has a different style. Koreans or Americans, who wears it best? You decide!
Korean fashion prefers a well-fitted, tailored look, that cuts off slightly above the knees.
American fashion instead prefers a looser fit, to give a casual and a comfortable vibe.
Round 2: FLANNELS 
With a smaller plaid design, Korean men prefer a softer pattern for their flannels. Korean men definitely pull off the boy next door look and make it look super cute.
With larger, more boxy plaid patterns, the American flannel style looks more masculine and edgy.
Round 3: BLAZER 
Korean men pair their blazers with more casual shirts to dress down their outfits. These looks are both sophisticated and fresh.
Wearing a blazer, american men don't mess around. With a nice comb over and a little spritz of Calvin Klein, they'll have a line of admirers around the block.
Korean men like denim jackets that are well fitted with a classic darker wash. Pair them with a snap back and a loose flannel and you have a Korean heartthrob.
Denim jackets give their wearers a very vintage, easy going vibe. A nice acid wash paired with dark denim or black jeans makes any american man look like a modern Romeo.
Round 5: BUTTON UP
A button up is classic. It always looks good in the way it flatters the male figure. With Korean fashion, the classic look has been mastered.
American men take a unique twist on the button up trend by introducing the half sleeve button up. Bringing a trend back from the 90s, cuffing sleeves are a must.
Round 6: THE TANK
For Korean men with leaner frames, the tank top is loosely fit than tight but with a light cotton material, these tanks flow effortlessly and look fashionable.
The infamous "Bro Tank". A classic tank top look is the perfect tool to highlight all those muscles.
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