30 vintage photo that show shape that you don't see before
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  • 30 Vintage Celebrity Photos Show A Side You’ve Never Seen. By Leilani http://www.lifebuzz.com/vintage-stars/
30 Vintage Celebrity Photos Show A Side You’ve Never Seen.
There's something incredibly intimate about vintage celebrity photos.
The collection below features iconic actresses such as Audrey Hepburn with a pet deer and Marilyn Monroe at a palmist shop window as well a few modern actors that make everyone's favorites list.
Get ready for Brad Pitt at 25 and a very surprising photo of Christopher Walken. Posed or not and glamorous or not, each of these 30 photos is filled with an undeniable charm.
#1. The Beatles take a beating from Muhammad Ali, who was known as Cassius Clay back when this photo was taken in 1964.
#2. Goldie Hawn at a Washington D.C. restaurant in 1964.
#3. Director Stanley Kubrick on set of The Shining, which he filmed in chronological order, a rare move for any director.
#4. David Bowie performs a duet with Cher on 'Young Americans' in 1975.
#5. The First Annual Rock and Roll Celebrity Sports Classic in 1977 featured Leif Garrett, Joan Jett, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, among others.
#6. Musical duo Ike and Tina Turner stay close at an event in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1972.
#7. Elton John named his 1974 album after the Caribou Ranch studio it was recorded at.
#8. Italian actress Sophia Loren shows off her cooking skills in 1965.
#9. Paul McCartney holds daughter Stella and bites into some cotton candy while watching a performance of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden, 1974.
#10. Audrey Hepburn with a fawn called Ip, short for Pippin.
#11. Who knew Katharine Hepburn could shred?
#12. Director Alfred Hitchcock in a suitably iconic photo.
#13. American singer and actress Judy Garland making fried chicken in 1965.
#14. Michael Caine multi-tasks with Natalie Wood and a cigarette, 1966.
#15. How do you feel about this photo of a young, shirtless Christopher Walken?
#16. A playful Bob Dylan with Sonny & Cher in 1965.
#17. Steve Jobs and not much more than a Tiffany lamp in 1982.
#18. Frank Sinatra steps out of a helicopter, but not without a glass of whiskey.
#19. George Harrison of the Beatles with then wife Pattie Boyd in Barbados, 1966.
#20. Madonna as a freshman at the University of Michigan, where she studied dance.
#21. What's more adorable than Betty White with some basset hounds?
#22. Recognize this 25-year-old Batman fan?
#23. A young and slender Leonardo DiCaprio hopes for a kiss.
#24. Brooke Shields hasn't changed much over the years, but here she is at a Halloween party in New York in 1981.
#25. A fun shot of a very giggly Carly Simon.
#26. Find David Schwimmer and Stephen Colbert in this 1984 photo of the Northwestern University improv troupe, No Fun Mud Piranhas.
#27. Audrey Hepburn on the set of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
#28. Marilyn Monroe with both palms up at a palmist shop.
#29. If you're familiar with his work, you know that Salvador Dalí often incorporated rhinoceros horns in his pieces. This photo was taken in 1956.
#30. Check out the mop on John Travolta.
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