The weirdest restaurants in the world - You won't believe it
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  • The World’s 20 Weirdest Restaurants… Your Boyfriend Will Love #14. By Leilani
The World’s Weirdest Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind
#1. Vin De Syrah in San Diego, California, is an Alice in Wonderland themed wine bar, perfect for a unique date night or a night out with your friends.
The fun starts even before you enter — the establishment features a hidden front door!
#2. Head to Take More XXL Restaurant Saarbrücken, Germany, if you want to do your own version of Man v. Food.
#3. Looking for an unconventional dining experience that's a little more low key? Soak in the beauty of Alux Playa del Carmen in Mexico, a restaurant located in a cavern!
#4. Ninja New York was designed like a 15th-century Japanese feudal village. If you're a fan of surprises and Japanese cuisine, this is the spot for you. As shown in this photo, servers dress and act the part.
#5. Doctor Who Fans will delight in The Way Station in Brooklyn, New York, where you'l find a life sized replica of the TARDIS (which in true whovian fashion features a larger interior than you'd expect) and a themed cocktail menu.
#6. O.Noir provides "Dine in the Dark" culinary experiences in Montreal and Toronto. It's just as it describes — you dine in complete darkness. If you're looking for a way to reconnect with someone (or maybe just with food), ditch the technological distractions and book a night at a restaurant like this.
#7. Moomin Cafe originally opened in Tokyo, but is now a popular tourist stop in Hong Kong, too. The adorable cafe features Tove Jansson's oversized stuffed characters that you can sit with while trying a fun variety of food and drinks based off of the stories.
#8. Amsterdam's De Kas was scheduled to be demolished back when it was a greenhouse in 2001, but Michelin star chef Gert Jan Hageman converted it into a restaurant. Vegetables and herbs are used in the menu offerings. If only we could eat this fresh every day!
#9. Intrigued by espionage? Visit the newly renovated Safe House in Milwaukee. This restaurant is filled with secret passageways to tickle your inner spy.
#10. Halloween lovers should make a stop at Witches in Britches, a theatre restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, where you can enjoy the company of vampires, witches, and monsters all night long.
#11. Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Bar and Observatory in Eilat, India offers the ultimate underwater dining experiment. It's imaginatively designed, but you might find it strange to feast on seafood as fish swim around you.
#12. What's more fun and eclectic than a Christmas themed restaurant? Visit the Bubble Room on Captiva Island, Florida, for 1930s and 40s decor, bubble scouts decked out in crazy hats, and old school music.
#13. You've heard of cat cafes, but have you ever heard of a Penguin Bar? Stop in Ikebukuro the next time you're in Japan to see these little guys as you sip on some whiskey.
#14. Bathe in Barley and pull your own glasses of beer from a personal tap at The Beer Spa in Prague, a popular destination for couples.
#15. Swiss artist H.R. Giger won an Academy Award as part of the special effects team for Alien and has since designed two Giger Bars in Switzerland, one in Chur and the other in Château St. Germain, Gruyère. The detail is out of this world!
#16. Although the Redwoods Treehouse in Auckland, New Zealand, is only available as a private venue, it previously operated as a full service restaurant. At 33 feet high and a view like that, it's one of the most magical places to hold your next special event!
#17. Fortezza Medicea was built in 1474 in Volterra, Italy. It's a high-security prison for criminals who serve seven years or more and it houses a restaurant using some of those inmates as servers.
So far, the project has been a success and some of the inmates have developed a passion for cooking.
#18. The zombie craze may have died down a little bit, but it'll easily creep (or snowball) back into your life with a visit to Donny Dirk's Zombie Den in Minneapolis.
#19. Dinner In The Sky is a mobile restaurant in which guests are hoisted and strapped into dining chairs 160 feet up in the air. The idea was first seen in Belgian and has since expanded in cities around the world in limited run periods.
#20. There are dozens of maid cafes in Tokyo to choose from, but Wonder Parlour in Toshima features European classic decor, classical music, and of course, attentive service.
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