The 14 most funny messages sent between parents and children
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  • 27 Of The Funniest Texts Ever Sent Between Parents And Their Children. Hilarious! By Lisa Be
14 Of The Funniest Texts Ever Sent Between Parents And Their Children
-Your great aunt just passed away. LOL
-Why is that funny?
-It's not funny David! What do you mean?
-Mom lol means laughing out loud!
-Oh my goodness! I sent that to everyone I thought it meant lots of love. I have tocall everyone back oh god
-I'm learning how to hashtag!
-That's great, Mom.
-Hashtag conversation with son.
-"What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean?"
-I don't know, I love you, talk to you later.
-Ok, I will ask your sister.
-Cute Jewish guy at the dog park. Going to medical school.
-Did he Pose for that?
-No it was taken secretly.
-Hahaha so that's why you go to the dog park.
-Yes to find you a boyfriend.
-How do u work this iMessage program? How'the...(Image)
-Dad ur on the toilet......
-That's why I'm smiling!
-Best first text ever! Epic! Nice mom! What does it mean?

:She was trying to type, “nice Aimee”.
-In a meeting X8
-Are you in a meeting?
-No, why?
-Good morning beautiful :) xoxo your imaginary boyfriend
-Thanks mom....
-Don't forget to unload the dishwasher
-Did you finish your homework?
-We have to go to your grandmother's house for Thanksgiving
-Dad and I talked, we are going to buy you a car next month
>U are? Omg thank u
-No we're not. I just wanted to make sure you were getting my texts.
>That was cruel
You left your phone at home
-I got an A in chem!
-WTF, well done!
-Mom, what do you think WTF means?
-Well That's Fantastic!
-Hey mom I've decided I'm coming out..
-Oh Michael, Dad and I always knew you were gay, but I am a tad shocked you texted me! I love you no matter what!
-MOM, IM NOT GAY. I sent my text before I could finish. I'm coming out to see you and Dad in May.
-LOL. We love you no matter what type of coming out you do!
-You are definitely coming here for christmas right? I'm cooking ham.
-Yes- and I'm bringing drugs.
-Oh like hell you are. Don't you think about bringing drugs into this house Melissa!
-Wow chill mom. I meant I'm bringing DOUG.
-Well why didin't you say that.
-Your mom and I are going to divorce next month
-What?? Why! call me please?
-I worte Disney and this phone changed it. We are going to Disney.
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