[ World Water Day ] Marine animals endangered
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  • The top 10 most endangered marine animals http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/508466/publicaffairs/angpinaka/the-top-10-most-endangered-marine-animals
[World Day for Water] Endangered Marine Animals.
The world is gifted with a unique variety of sea creatures. But what if these animals are gone? 
The world has been continuously changing and the first to be affected is the habitat of animals.
Scientists may have discovered new ones but others have already become endangered, meaning there is only a small number left, or in the worst case, extinct, where there is no any living member.
10. Sockeye salmon
The Sockeye salmon is the third most common salmon species in the Pacific Ocean. It is an anadromous species which means it migrates from the sea to freshwater in order to spawn.
They lay eggs in the river and return back to the sea. This breeding process makes it difficult to culture salmon as they both need the river and the sea.
Today, these salmons are threatened species because they are sought after for their raw meat, served as sashimi. Their life cycle becomes shortened once they are caught because they won’t be able to get a chance to lay millions of eggs for continuous reproduction of their breed.
9. Borneo Shark
We always have that mental image of shark killing humans. But we kill even more sharks than they do us. What for? Poachers hunt them and create curio items made from shark jaws. They also hunt for shark fins and shark meat to trade in the market.
The Borneo shark has been listed by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as endangered. These river sharks are the rarest of all sharks because they only inhabit misty rivers. They are so rare that people can only catch them once every 10 years.
8. Giant Clams
The giant clam is the largest living bivalve mollusk which is locally known as taclobo. It can be found on the shores of the Philippines.
Unfortunately, the growing number of giant clams has stopped, making it an addition to the list of endangered marine animals.
Since the barter trade, the giant clams are being poached and harvested as food or curio items. Currently, the giant clams are still being sold and served as appetizers and turned into decorations.
7. Florida Manatee
The manatee is a big sea creature like a sea elephant or sea cow. It’s an important symbol of the state of Florida. What threatens these precious creatures?
The manatees live in warm areas like the waters of Florida. But due to climate change, water temperature fluctuates in these waters and this affect the manatees because they can only live in warm temperatures.
Another threat is the presence of boats. Boat propellers can injure the manatees as these creatures move so slow and might not be able to avoid incoming boats.
6. Whale Shark
The whale sharks are discovered in 1828 off the coast of South Africa. They are named as such because they possess the size of a whale. The whale shark is considered as the biggest fish and shark in the world.
The sad truth is although it is already considered as endangered, poachers are still hunting them for their fins and meat to be sold in the black market.
5. Green Sea Turtle
Green sea turtles are named as such because of the green layer of fats underneath their shells. Also, they only eat sea grass and sea weeds.
The threat among green sea turtles is the global trade in sea turtle meat and turtle products. For instance, some are being caught and killed at a very young age and will be dried and varnished to serve as curio items.
4. Napoleon Wrasse
Napoleon wrasse or humphead wrasse is an enormous, colorful tropical marine fish found in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean. It is considered one of the big boys of coral reefs because of its size.
Sadly, this breed of fish is endangered as it is considered a luxury fish in Asia. It was once eaten only by royalty. Currently, the major consumers of this fish are China, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is favored by many because it is considered to bring luck with its green and red colors
3. Reef Manta Ray
The reef manta ray is the largest of all rays in the world. It can grow for as huge as 10 feet wide. Unlike sting rays, manta rays do not attack and so are not dangerous to humans.
Under R.A. 8550, the Philippine Fisheries Code,  the manta ray has already been declared endangered but people are still catching them for food. There are only less than 70% of manta rays left in world.
2. Fin Whale
The fin whale is the second largest mammal in the world. The reason that endangers this species is that despite the bans and restrictions, commercial whaling is still the biggest threat to their existence.
1. Blue-Fin Tuna
The bluefin tuna is the largest of the tuna species. Did you know that it’s also called red tuna because of the color of its flesh? It’s red because it’s rich in oxygen.
Bluefin tuna is also considered as a luxury fish and is listed in the Guinness book of records as the world’s most expensive tuna. This year in Tokyo, Japan, the most expensive bluefin tuna was bought for $37,500.
The bluefin tuna topped the list of “Endangered Marine Animals.”  Despite its high value, it is also in incredibly endangered status. It is still commercially sold in many parts of the world. The fact that this fish is expensive to sell, it might be hard to easily stop the harvesting.
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