One word, 2 meanings : the difference between British english vs American english
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  • One word, two meanings: Differences between British and American English
One word, two meanings: Differences between British and American English
If you want to learn about vocabulary differences between British and American English this is the post for you! 
Let’s begin…
1. trainer
American English: a person who trains people or animals, such as a gym trainer
-British English: tennis shoes or running shoes
2. pants
American English: trousers, long pants
- British English: underpants, underwear
3. bird

- American English: an animal with feathers that flies
- British English: a young woman
4. bog

- American English: wet muddy soft ground
- British English: the bathroom
5. braces

- American English: supports on the teeth used to straighten the teeth
- British English: suspenders, an article of clothing used to hold pants up
6. trolley
American English: a vehicle that runs on tracks and is powered by an electric cable
British English: a cart with wheels
7. chips
American English: thinly cut and fried potatoes that are very crispy
British English: potatoes cut into strips and deep-fried
8. coach
American English: a person who teaches or trains athletes
-British English: a bus
9. biscuit
American English: a type of bread that is flaky and buttery
- British English: a cookie
10. dummy
American English: a model or replica of a human being
British English: a pacifier, a small piece of rubber that babies suck on
11. lift
American English: (v) to pick up or raise
- British English: (n) an elevator
12. flannel
American English: a type of material made of wool or cotton that is often used to make warm shirts or pajamas
British English: a washcloth or towel
13. football

American English: the American football game
- British English: soccer
14. hamper

- American English: a large basket with a lid used for laundry
- British English: a small basket with a lid that is used for picnicking
15. vest
American English: a close-fitting sweater with no sleeves or collar that is usually worn over another shirt
- British English: an undershirt
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