[Ep03] How Game of Thrones' characters look in the show vs how they look in the books
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  • From Cersei to Ser Davos: how Game of Thrones' characters look in the show vs how they look in the books http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2016/04/06/game-of-thrones-how-characters-look-in-the-show-vs-how-they-look/
[Ep03] How Game of Thrones' characters look in the show vs how they look in the books
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17.Joffrey Baratheon
Artwork on the left © Roman Papsuev alias "Amok", via Xtreme1992.
Who? The product of an incestuous affair between Cersei and Jaime Lannister, Joffrey was presented to the world as son and heir to King Robert Baratheon. He is spoiled by his mother, the prince has a mean streak.
Played by? Jack Gleeson
What should he look like? 
In the books, Joffrey is described as taller than Jon Snow and Robb Stark even though he is younger than both of them. He has long golden curls, deep green eyes and pouty lips.
How accurate is the show? 
He doesn’t quite have the flowing locks described in the books, but Jack Gleeson mastered Joffrey’s pout with ease.
Artwork on the left © Roman Papsuev alias "Amok", via Xtreme1992
This enigmatic member of the small council is the King’s master of whisperers, or spymaster. He is a eunuch who grew up outside the Seven Kingdoms, across the Narrow Sea.
Played by? Conleth Hill
What should he look like? 
Varys is plump, completely bald and powders his face. The mysterious spymaster wafts through King’s Landing smelling of lilacs and is described by George RR Martin’s text as effeminate. He’s a master of disguise, but is often seen wearing fine silks, velvets and soft slippers.
How is accurate is the show? 
Pretty darn accurate. Conleth Hill has mastered the soft, effeminate voice of Varys perfectly, he even shaves his head for the role.
19.Robb Stark
Artwork on the right © camibee
Eldest legitimate son and heir to Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully. Robb rises up in revolt against King Joffrey when his father is imprisoned for treason, and proclaims himself King in the North. He proves himself an excellent commander in battle, but that doesn’t always mean survival in this world of political double-dealing.
Played by? Richard Madden
What should he look like? 
Robb takes after his mother’s side with a stocky build, blue eyes and thick shoulder-length auburn hair.
How accurate is the show? 
Not particularly. Richard Madden’s hair too short (not to mention the wrong colour) and his beard is too long (Robb in the books is clean-shaven)
20.The Hound
Artwork on the right © MiguelRegodon
Sandor Clegane, who first appears as the evil Joffrey Baratheon’s bodyguard. He’s better known for his swashbuckling adventures across the Westeros countryside with Arya Stark and generally not giving a damn about what anyone thinks.
Played by? Rory McCann
What should he look like?
 The Hound is described as very tall and well-built, but not to the same freakish proportions of his eight-foot-tall brother Gregor, ‘The Mountain’. Following a childhood scuffle (ok, scuffle may be an understatement) with his despicable older brother, the left hand side of his face was left horribly deformed.
Gregor held the Hound’s face in a fire, burning away his ear and leaving nothing but a hole. Around his eye, the flesh is blackened and “pocked with craters” and part of his jaw bone is exposed from where the flesh had been seared away.
How accurate is the show? 
At 6 foot 5 inches, Rory McCann is the perfect imposing height and build to play the Hound. He does have grisly burns on the side of his face, but they aren’t quite as harrowing as George RR Martin described them. More blackened flesh and less ear needed.
21.Brienne of Tarth
Artwork on the right © CalamityBean
Who? Daughter
Played by? Gwendoline Christie
What should she look like?
 In the words of Jaime Lannister: “The wench is as strong as Gregor Clegane, though not so pretty.” A lot of comments are passed on Brienne’s looks, or lack of. She has coarse features covered in freckles and crooked teeth.
She is strong, flat-chested and tall — making her better suited to knighthood than being a lady. Her nose has been broken more than once from fighting, and short straw-coloured haircut her ungainly features are somewhat redeemed by her large blue eyes.
How accurate is the show? 
Gwendoline Christie is, like Brienne, strikingly tall at 6ft 3 in and even bulked up for the role. She also has similar short blonde hair but TV Brienne isn’t nearly as "ugly" as book Brienne.
22.Tywin Lannister
Artwork on the right by Thaldir, copyright Fantasy Flight Games.
Patriarch of the Lannister family, and one of the wealthiest and most powerful lords in the Seven Kingdoms. He was never a front runner when it came to father of the year — particularly when it comes to unfortunate son, Tyrion, who he despises.
Played by? Charles Dance
What should he look like? 
The Lord of Casterly Rock is tall and slender, with a shaven head in stark contrast to his bushy golden mutton chops.
How accurate is the show? 
Charles Dance is the right build for the role, and certainly has the presence and piercing gaze to capture the power of Tywin Lannister. There’s a little too much hair on his head and not enough whisker action for it to be a perfect representation though
23.Theon Greyjoy
Artwork on the right © Fantasy Flight Games, by feliciacano.
Theon is the fourth child of Lord Balon Greyjoy, ruler of the Iron Islands, and was raised as a ward (a polite way of saying hostage) by the Stark family from the age of 10 to ensure the Greyjoys didn’t rebel again. He begins the series as a smarmy little git but is soon taken down a peg or two by the despicable Ramsay Bolton.
Played by? Alfie Allen
What should he look like? 
A nineteen-year-old with black hair and a cocky grin. After he is tortured by the despicable Ramsay Bolton, Theon becomes thin and his hair turns white from the trauma. He is also missing several fingers, toes and teeth (as well as other bits of his anatomy, but best not dwell on that).
How accurate is the show? 
At least Alfie Allen had the cocky grin down to a tee. Post-torture Theon in the show has a few too many teeth and fingers, but that’s understandable given how long it would take to recreate all of the injuries the character sustains in the books.
24.Margaery Tyrell
Artwork on the right © kimpertinent.
 Margaery is a politically-savvy sixteen-year-old and member of the wealthy Tyrell family. For a very brief spell she was married to King Joffrey Baratheon.
Played by? Natalie Dormer
What should she look like? 
Margaery has brown, doe-like eyes and a cascade of curly soft brown hair. She has a slender yet shapely figure and is generally considered very beautiful. Although the vain Queen Cersei doesn’t believe Margaery is more attractive than herself
How accurate is the show? 
The 34-year-old Natalie Dormer is older than her character is supposed to be — but given the nature of some of her scenes in Game of Thrones that is understandable. The hair is pretty spot-on though.
25.Daario Naharis
Artwork on the right © steamey,
A sword-for-hire from Tyrosh who is employed by mercenary army the Second Sons as a lieutenant. He was appointed as a commander in Daenerys Targaryen’s army after he wooed her with a gift of his fellow Second Sons’ severed heads (swoon).
Played by? 
Ed Skrein (season three)
Michiel Hulsman (season four)
What should he look like? 
According to George RR Martin’s canon, Daario has long, curly, blue hair. He has blue eyes and his beard, also dyed blue, is styled into three prongs and his mustachios are painted gold. He also likes to dress in garish colours and flamboyant fabrics.
How accurate is the show? 
When Daario first appeared played by Ed Skrein in season three, it seemed that Game of Thrones hadn’t deviated too far from the books — he had blue eyes and long curly hair at least. Now that the tall dark and handsome Michiel Hulsman has taken over the role, though, they seem to have abandoned the text altogether. At least he’s pretty.
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