Golden Age of food in plane.
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  • In pictures: The golden age of plane food
The Golden Age of Plane Food
These vintage photographs of meals being served on board Scandivanian Airlines (SAS) flights from the 1950s until the 1980s have been released by the airline to mark its 70th anniversary.
A passenger is served lobster and aperitifs on the Douglas DC-8.
A truly gigantic leg of ham is carved in front of passengers on board a flight in 1969.
A chef serving food on board the DC-8 in the Sixties. Some of the dishes served included stuffed boneless squab of chicken with wild rice, beignet potatoes, new peas a la francaise and chiffonade salad with French dressing.
A stewardess offering a selection of freshly cut cheeses to passengers on board the Douglas DC-7 aircraft in the Fifties.
Even the economy class food, pictured here from the Sixties/Seventies, seemed to be classier than some of the "world's worst plane food" travellers claim to be subject to in today's economy cabins.
A couple deciding between a lobster platter and carved meat board presented by the on-board chef in the Fifties.
A lavish dinner spread served on a Douglas DC-10 aircraft in the Eighties.
Other gourmet dishes served on board have included caviar d'astrachan, roast fillet of beef peridgourdine, artichoke bottoms with asaparagus tips as well as a crab and avocado cocktail.
A typical tray of food served to economy class in the Seventies on board Scandinavian Airlines.
A stewardess adding pepper from a grinder to a passenger's meal while a sommelier wearing a silver wine tasting cup serves the salad in the Seventies on a DC-8 jet.
A lobster dinner being served with a glass of Moët champagne in first class in the Seventies.
Passengers being served wine with their dinner on a Douglas DC-6 aircraft in the Fifties.
A box of chocolates is offered to a passenger on board a Scandinavian Airlines flight in the Eighties. Some of the dessert offerings in the Fifties included coconut snowball ice cream with chocolate sauce and petit fours as well as a "North Pole surprise".
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