Fashion Mistakes We All Made In The 1990s
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  • 24 Fashion Mistakes We All Made In The 1990s… I’m Trying To Forget #9.
Fashion Mistakes We All Made In The 1990s
Fashion is evolving every day. As the decades go by, new trends arise. At the time, they may have seemed like a good idea, but when you look back at it from the future... not so much.
Popped Collars
The 90's was full of more than just one style, including the preppy look. Of course, your polo wasn't complete unless the collar was popped.
Platform Flip Flops
For days when you wanted to appear taller but still wanted to be comfortable. Kind of wish these were still socially acceptable just for that reason.
One Earring
Save yourself some money on piercing two ears by just piercing one! You'll look just as cool as Janet Jackson and who doesn't want that?
Track Suits
They were originally competition clothing for athletes but they somehow became the popular outfit to wear for just going out in the town. How can you even get through the day hearing that swish swish sound everywhere you went?
Overalls Over One Shoulder
Wearing overalls was one thing, but an even questionable choice was wearing the overalls strap on only one shoulder. What was the point of that anyways?
Chain Wallets
Because your wallets back then were filled with such valuable items... like a library card and school ID.
Bowl Cuts
This gruesome hair cut that anyone from home could have cut. Why was this a thing? How did someone not recognize how bad of a hair cut this was?
JNCO Jeans
How did we go from tight but flared out at the bottom bellbottom jeans to just overall baggy jeans? These jeans were large and in charge.
Baja Hoodies
Kind of similar to a poncho, but with shorter sleeves? To be honest, they probably did seem really cool at the time. But looking back at it... not so much
Shoulder Pads
Why join a football team to look like a linebacker when you can do it on a daily basis with shoulder pad blazers and sweaters? What clothing accessory says strong and powerful like this one?
Baggy Shorts
The ones that went all the way down to your shins. Yeah, this was such a great way to keep cool on hot summer days. Makes perfect sense.
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