Women’s Everyday Problems
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Women’s Everyday Problems
Asking someone to take a photo of me.
What I expect it to look like..
What it actually looks like.
"Aww!!" "I know! cute isn't he?"
"Do you want to hold him?" "Yes!"
Me on a normal day.
"Just one! I'm trying to lower my sugar intake and be healthy!"
Me on my period
"!!! You look tired. Are you ok?"
"Oh no.. I feel great! I got 10hours of sleep, I did some yoga and I even ate kale! I'm Just not wearing make up!"
1. Alright let's opt for a more natural look....
2. Ugh!!!! Crooked line!!!!
3. Let's just corect it..... a little......
4. sh*t...
"Yay! only a few weeks left until the 24th and I'm going on vacation."
"Now, according to my calculations, I should get my period on..."
"The 24th..... great...."
'Ah.. so smooth..!'
"Ah!!!! DAMN IT!!!!! Forgot the toe!!!"
"Watching make-up tutorials"
-How to smokey eye-
"WHOAAAH!!!! It's so pretty! I have to try it!"
-later.... I look fabulous...
"Ehm.. are you ok?"
"No I have to make a phone call"
'Time to get in shape! Ah, I feel great! This is fun!'
-2mins later....
'I can already feel my hips shrinking..'
-5mins later....
'I'm gonna pass out!'
Half bun hairstyle
-What I expect to look like...
-What I really look like.
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