7 of the biggest myths about beer debunked
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7 of the biggest myths about beer debunked
Beer might be one of the most popular beverages in the world. The delightful drink has been around for thousands of years, and some argue that it sparked the domestication of grain that was essential for our transition from hunting-and-gathering societies to agricultural civilizations.
But beer is also commonly misunderstood. Even regular beer drinkers will frequently cite myths about how a beer gets skunked or how many calories are in dark beers.
On each card below, the myth is listed first, with the truth below. How many did you already know?
“When cold beer gets warm it gets skunked.”
Temperature changes might make beer get stale faster, but won’t skunk your brew. Skunking is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs when beer -especially hoppy beer- is exposed to light.
“Dark beer are strong beers.”
In reality, color has nothing to do with alcohol or caloric content - dark beer’s grains are just roasted longer.
“Beer is meant to be served ice cold.”
Serving temperature varies by style, but you can’t taste beer if it’s too cold. Pilsners and IPAs are usually served around 40-44F, while heavier styles are usually served around 55F.
“Lagers and Pilsners are the same.”
Pilsners are just one of many lager types. Pilsners are golden and refreshing, but lagers can also be dark, malty, and strong.
“Canned beers are cheap.”
Cans are perhaps the best way to package beers, since they protect from light and oxygen better than bottles.
“You should age craft beers.”
Aging some high alcohol beers can help them, but hobby beers, like IPAs, should be consumed as fresh as possible.
“All beer is basically the same.”
There’s an amazing flavor diversity in beer. Styles range from bitter to sweet to sour, and beer can have almost no alcohol or be stronger than wine.
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