The most luxurious European castles you can rent on Airbnb
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  • 17 of the most luxurious European castles you can rent on Airbnb
The most luxurious European castles you can rent on Airbnb
Airbnb is now available in over 190 countries worldwide and hosts more than 2.5 million homes. Of these infinitely differing cottages, penthouses, bungalows, mansions, duplexes, RVs, villas, houseboats, and halls— over half are situated in Europe.
Europe is, therefore, home to some of Airbnb's most historic properties, notably the big, beautiful castles. Because of the number of rooms in these properties, renting in large groups can even be quite economical.
From Cork to Cumbria, Tuscany to Malta, there are plenty of castles on the site and it can be a drag finding which drawing room you desire or whether you're fazed by maze gardens.
Luckily, we found the highlights so you don't have to:
1. Wilton Castle, County Wexford, Ireland— £796/night, £57 p/p.
Wilton Castle is comprised of 7 bedrooms and resides on the banks of the Boro River in southeastern Ireland. The castle was burned to the ground in 1923 by arsonists, but has since been lovingly restored to its regal best.
Wilton was also the site of one of the last ever pistol duels in 1807. William Alcock shot his opponent in the heart but was later found not guilty of murder.
2. Castello del Pozzo, Lake Maggiore, Italy— £3088/night, £193 p/p
3. Augill Castle, Cumbria, England— £6301/night, £394 p/p
Augill was built in 1841 by John Bagot Pearson. Bagot fell out with his brother so commissioned a giant folly on higher ground so he could sneer down on his family home. The castle was later purchased by Queen Victoria's surgeon.
4. Chateau Junayme, Bordeaux, France— £919/night, £77 p/p
Chateau Junayme is set within 1,000 acres of its own vineyards. Be sure to pick up some of the produce— a bottle of Chateau Junayme Canon Fronsac (1966) will fetch up to £1,200.
5. Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland—£2750/night, £172 p/p
Carlowrie was home to Isabelle Wylie Hutchison, a pioneering arctic traveller who could speak Inuit language.
6. Castello di Santa Maria Novella, Tuscany, Italy— £3102/night, £194 p/p
Built in the 10th century, the Castello stands at the highest point between Florence and Siena, amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany's Chianti region.
7. Turin Castle, County Mayo, Ireland— £798/night, £67 p/p
Turin Castle was abandoned for 250 years after English repressors drove out the resident clansmen.
Now, fully refurbished, the building features a great hall with a 17th-century dining table and silk embroidered drapes in the bedrooms.
8. Butley Priory, Suffolk, England— £702/night, £47 p/p
Butley used to be part of an Augustinian abbey before Henry VIII dissolved them all in the 1500s. Your time here may still be heavenly.
9. Dunskey Castle, Portpatrick, Scotland— £300/night, £19 p/p
Dunskey is an Edwardian, loch-fringed, maze owning, brass fireplace-warmed, library perusing, seaside castle with access to two private beaches. This is definitely the best value castle on the list.
10. Lisheen Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland— £882/night, £63 p/p
In 1921, Lisheen Castle was burned to the ground in the Irish War of Independence .
In 1996 it was restored to former glory.
11. Palazzo Villa Rosa, St. Julian's, Malta— £620/night, £52 p/p.
This 6-bed palace is just 5-minutes from the Maltese coast.
12. Craufurdland Castle, East Ayrshire, Scotland— £571/night, £36 p/p
Craufurdland has been in the same family for 800 years, as a testimony to their ancestors the current owners have named each room after an old relative.
13. Fanningstown Castle, Limerick, Ireland— £308/night, £31 p/p
14. Blackwater Castle, Cork, Ireland— £2198/night, £137 p/p
Blackwater claims to have a 10,000-year history— the site was occupied during the Mesolithic period. Now, guests can leave their own mark by hoisting their flag on the 15th-century tower.
15. Castillo de Barambio, Cuenca, Spain— £221/night, £28 p/p
16. Ballyhannon Castle, Clare, Ireland— £1108/night, £101 p/p
15th-century Ballyhannon was bought and restored by American millionaires in the 1970s. The castle features candle-lit hallways, a Minstrel Gallery and a dungeon (not in use).
17. Dairsie Castle, Fife, Scotland— £501/night, £39 p/p
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