17 Movie Stars Whose Make-Up Was So Good We Didn’t Know It Was Them.
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17 Movie Stars Whose Make-Up Was So Good We Didn’t Know It Was Them.
We all love watching movies. Sometimes the best part about them is the actors that play the important roles. It's always fun to see the transformation that can take place for certain characters. The things that can be done in Hollywood are truly amazing.
#1. Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana played the role of Neytiri in "Avatar" but some people don't know that. While the movie is animated there still was the need for people to play certain roles. If you want to talk about unrecognizable this is a perfect example! Saldana had already done a fantastic transition in the Star Trek remake so she was a perfect choice. She's going to return for the role in the upcoming "Avatar" sequels.
2. Johnny Depp
When Johnny Depp took on the role of mobster Whitey Bulger in "Black Mass," he obviously needed to change his appearance. He needed to have an older look and it took twenty-two hours to get him right. The work could only be done one time so he had to get everything right before it came off.
#3. Rooney Mara
When Rooney Mara took on the role of Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," she had to undergo a lot of work. Part of her head was shaved and what was left was dyed black. She also had to get rid of her eyebrows and get several piercings, including her nipples. Talk about giving your all to a role!
#4. Ryan Reynolds
If Ryan Reynolds looked in real life like they made him look early in "Just Friends" he may not have been able to marry Blake Lively. He had to wear a fat suit for the role and had his hair given a very curly look. Had Lively seen him looking like that she may not have given him a second look!
#5. Cameron Diaz
"Being John Malkovich" had a role in it of a woman named Lotte. She was an average looking woman so it took a lot of work for the beautiful Cameron Diaz to dress down to the part. She took to a frizzy wig and some contacts to finish the transformation.
#6. Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne had a very hard role in "The Danish Girl." He was playing a transgender person and it obviously took a lot of hard work to make the transformation. It worked out well because he was nominated for an Oscar for his role.
#7. Tilda Swinton
"Trainwreck" was a great movie but you may not have recognized Tilda Swinton. Her hair was longer than usual and she had to do a one hour tanning session each day to get the complexion that the directors were looking for. And then a LOT of bronzer finished off the job.
#8. Matthew McConaughey
Make up artists did a great job on Matthew McConaughey in "Gold." They gave him a receding hairline and a beer belly that left him truly unrecognizable. He could wear that to Wal-Mart and nobody would give him a second glance.
#9. Jared Leto
If you saw "Dallas Buyers Club" you know that it was a great flick. But you may not know that Jared Leto was in it. He played the HIV-positive transgender named Rayon. His work was so good that he won an Oscar for it.
#10. Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise has been known to undergo some pretty serious transformations for some of his roles. One of the best was in "Tropic Thunder" when he played Len Grossman. He was turned into a middle aged, nearly bald, less than skinny guy. He received a Golden Globe nomination for the role.
#11. Robin Williams
The great Robin Williams was part of one of the best transformations of all time for his role in "Mrs. Doubtfire." Each day of filming consisted of wearing a fat suit that was very heavy, along with more than four hours of make up.
#12. Johnny Depp
Another great example of drastic transformations involving Johnny Depp was in "Edward Scissorhands." For that film he had to spend countless hours in make up each day before filming.
#13. Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman had to sit in the make up chair for almost three hours each day for her role in "The Hours." She had a prosthetic nose applied each day to make her into Virginia Woolf. The transformation was amazing and she received an Oscar nomination for the role.
#14. Richard Gere
In the movie, "Time Out of Mind" Richard Gere is unrecognizable. The make up people did a great job in turning him into a homeless man for the role. He looked so convincing that he actually spent time with New York City panhandlers and homeless people for the movie. The filming was done with hidden cameras and anyone that walked by thought that Gere was actually homeless.
#15. Elle Fanning
Talk about a transformation! Elle Fanning is totally unrecognizable in "About Ray." She plays the main character, "Ray", who is a transgender teen going through life. To fit into character she had to wear a short wig and bind her chest.
#16. Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron really went all out for her role in "Monster." She played the part of Aileen Wuornos who was a serial killing prostitute. Theron had to put on a lot of weight and drop the make up that makes her an every day beauty. She looked like a totally different person and she won an Oscar for the role.
#17. Elizabeth Banks
When Elizabeth Banks joined up for the "Hunger Games" movies, she had to stop being the beautiful woman that she is. There was no sign of her real self when the make up artists got done with her. Her outrageous costumes, make up and wigs turned her into a completely different person.
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