The 36 best ways to burn the most calories in an hour
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  • The 36 best ways to burn the most calories in an hour
The 36 best ways to burn the most calories in an hour
36. Hatha yoga | 228 calories/hour
Hatha yoga, a version of the exercise practice centered on holding specific poses, sits at the bottom of this list, burning an average of about 228 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.
35. A slow walk | 255 calories/hour
Next up: going for a stroll. For every hour walked at two miles-per-hour (mph), a 200-pound person burns 255 calories.
32. Bowling | 273 calories/hour
Bowling, along with the next two items on this list, ballroom dancing and Tai Chi, burns 273 calories per active hour.
32. Ballroom dancing | 273 calories/hour
32. Tai Chi | 273 calories/hour
Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and form of exercise, often practiced with slow, deliberate movements.
31. Canoeing | 319 calories/hour
Next up: canoeing. A leisurely paddle down a river will burn 319 calories in an hour for a 200 pound person.
28. Slow, easy cycling | 364 calories/hour
Leisure cycling, defined as a pace under 10 mph, burns about 364 calories per hour in a 200 pound person. The same is true for a typical (though probably not Olympic) game of volleyball, or the movement-based, intensive "power" yoga.
28. Volleyball | 364calories/hour
28. Power yoga | 364 calories/hour
Power yoga, or vinyasa, is a more movement-centered exercise practice than hatha.
25. Golfing (and carrying your clubs) | 391 calories/hour
If you golf, carry your own clubs around the course, and weigh 200 pounds you can expect to burn 391 calories per hour. The same is true of typical downhill skiing and a 3.5 mph walk.
25. Downhill skiing | 391 calories/hour
25. A brisk walk | 391 calories/hour
21. Low-impact aerobics | 455 calories/hour
Low-impact aerobics burn about 455 calories per hour in a 200 pound person. The same is true of a moderate workout on an elliptical machine, weight/resistance training, and softball and baseball.
21. 'Running' on the elliptical | 455 calories/hour
21. Resistance training/weightlifting | 455 calories/hour
21. Baseball/softball | 455 calories/hour
20. Water aerobics | 501 calories/hour
Edging out the first major sport on this list: water aerobics. The pool exercise can burn as much as 501 calories per hour in a 200 pound person.
19. Light or moderate lap swimming | 528 calories/hour
Swim light or moderate laps in a pool, and a 200 pound person can burn 528 calories per hour.
16. Hiking | 546 calories/hour
Hiking, stationary rowing, and water skiing all burn about 546 calories per hour in a 200 pound person.
16. Rowing on a machine | 546 calories/hour
16. Water skiing | 546 calories/hour
15. Cross-country skiing | 619 calories/hour
Cross country skiing is even more rigorous, burning 619 calories per hour in a 200 pound person.
12. Backpacking | 637 calories/hour
Want to burn even more? Go backpacking. Like ice skating and racquetball, a 200 pound person will use about 637 calories per hour on a hike with a heavy backpack.
12. Ice skating | 637 calories/hour
12. Racquetball | 637 calories/hour
11. High-impact aerobics | 664 calories/hour
High-impact aerobics can use 664 calories per hour.
10. Rollerblading | 683 calories/hour
Rollerblading is surprisingly intense, burning 683 calories per hour.
7. A game of basketball | 728 calories/hour
A basketball game, tough or flag football, and singles tennis all offer great exercise, burning about 728 calories per hour in a 200 pound person.
7. Flag football | 728 calories/hour
7. Tennis, singles | 728 calories/hour
6. Running 5 mph | 755 calories/hour
A moderate 5 mph run will burn about 755 calories per hour in a 200 pound person.
5. Running up stairs | 819 calories/hour
Run up a StairMaster (or up a particularly long flight of stairs), and a 200 pound person will burn 819 calories per hour.
4. Vigorous swimming | 892 calories/hour
"Vigorous" swimming is even better, churning through 892 calories per hour.
3. Taekwondo | 937 calories/hour
Taekwondo is the most intense competitive sport on this list, burning 937 calories per hourin a 200 pound person.
1. Jump rope | 1,074 calories/hour
At the top of the list though are two very simple activities: jumping rope and running fast (8 mph to be precise). Do either of those things for an hour, and a 200 pound person will burn 1,074 calories.
1. Running, 8 mph | 1,074 calories/hour
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