Here are all of the magical creatures that break loose in 'Fantastic Beasts'
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Here are all of the magical creatures that break loose in 'Fantastic Beasts'
Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."
"Harry Potter" spin-off "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them" introduces fans to a menagerie or magical creatures from the wizarding world.
Throughout the movie, a number of the beasts escape from a magical suitcase, sending magizoologist Newt Scamander on a whirlwind search for his creatures in 1926 New York City.
If you had a tough time keeping track of all of the beasts, we consulted J.K. Rowling's text, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," to navigate the film's many creatures. Here's a quick round up of the beasts that get loose from Newt and a few others we see throughout the film.
-The first critter we're introduced to is the mischievous, yet adorable Niffler.
Nifflers look like a cross between a mole and a duck-billed platypus. Though adorable, these guys can be pretty destructive. In the "Harry Potter" series, Lee Jordan put two Nifflers into Dolores Umbridge's office to wreck her room.
And it's not just Scamander's Niffler that's attracted to shiny objects. All of them like to collect jewels, coins, or anything else that tickles their fancy, and for that reason have been used by Goblins to dig for treasure (something Hagrid taught his class with a live demonstration in Care of Magical Creatures). The animals have a magical pouch that allows them to store their treasures.
-This green little guy who follows Newt around is a Bowtruckle.
The Bowtruckle looks like a cross between some sort of Praying Mantis and a stick bug brought to life. Unlike stick bugs, Bowtruckles are actually made out tree stems, with their own little branches. The tallest they'll ever get is eight inches.
The six we see in the film are named Pickett, Titus, Finn, Poppy, Marlow, and Tom. Pickett is the shy little guy who hangs out in Newt's pocket for much of the film.
-The beast that gets lost in Central Park is an Erumpent.
This African creature looks like a rhinoceros, but can actually be quite friendly, despite its intimidating form. While its hide can repel spells and charms, on the top of its head is a massive, glowing horn full of a lethal fluid. Anything the Erumpent pierces with its horn will explode.
-One of the film's cutest creatures is the Demiguise.
The primate-like critter, which resembles a little orangutan, has the ability to become invisible at will.
It can also see the future, making it hard to catch. That's good for the Demiguise, since his fur can be used to create Invisibility Cloaks.
-The Occamy is a gorgeous serpent that Newt finds hiding out in Macy's.
The two-legged winged serpent looks like a mix between a bird and a dragon. As Newt explains in the film, its egg shells are made of pure silver.
The creature has the ability to shrink or grow to fit in the space available to it.
-The Murtlap is the bald, rat-like porcupine that attacked Jacob in his apartment. Murtlap bites usually cause minor rashes. As seen in "Fantastic Beasts," in rarer cases, a severe bite can cause profuse sweating.
If pickled and eaten, the tentacles on the back of a Murtlap can aid in heightening resistance to curses and jinxes (though apparently if you eat too much, purple hair will grow out of your ears). The tentacles are also used to make Murtlap Essence, a home remedy for cuts and abrasions — "Harry Potter" fans will remember it's what Hermione gave Harry after his detentions with Umbridge.
-Several times throughout the film we see a blue beetle flying through the city called a Billywig.
The sapphire blue insect has a stinger and wings on its head that let it spin while it flies. People stung by Billywigs may levitate while having a mild case of giddiness.
-The enormous bird Newt let's fly free in New York is called a Thunderbird.

Not only can the massive bird create storms by flapping its wings, but it can also sense danger. Newt rescued Frank from traffickers in Egypt and was in America to let loose Frank his natural habitat — Arizona.
-One of the coolest looking creatures Newt carries around is called the Swooping Evil.
The cool creature Newt slings around like a yo-yo is revealed to be a reptile with the wings of a beautiful butterfly.
No matter how pretty the Swooping Evil may look from the outside though, Newt warns it has the ability to suck out a person's brains. Its venom can also be used to rid of bad memories.
-The giant beasts we see inside Newt's cavernous suitcase are Graphorns.
Newt revealed he had the only breeding pair left in the world and, thanks to his care, they already had one offspring.
The creatures' hides are tougher than a dragon's and can repel most spells.
-The Nudu, spotted among the creatures in Newt's possession, looks like a mix between a tiger and a pufferfish.
It's described in "Fantastic Beasts" as a gigantic leopard that "moves silently despite its size and whose breath causes disease virulent enough to eliminate entire villages."
Although Newt promised none of his creatures would cause any harm, that doesn't seem the case.
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