Frog That Looks Like Princess Leia Inspires Galactic Photoshop Battle.
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Frog That Looks Like Princess Leia Inspires Galactic Photoshop Battle.
The Internet today is filled with Photoshop battles. Today we take a look at a frog that has an uncanny resemblance to Princess Leia from Star Wars. The original photo was taken by Indonesian photographer, Tanto Yensen.
If you can't see the uncanny resemblance to Leia in the original, then you'll definitely see it here.
But Princess Leia isn't the only person this frog resembles. He could also pull off the great Beethoven!
Frog for President 2020!
What the real Star Wars team looks like.
Doesn't this Leia look more badass?
"Save me obi-Don-Kenobi, you're kek's only hope."
"You're my only croak."
But those snails can act as more than just hair, they can be headphones too!
This techno frog is about to drop the set of the year.
I have an angel on my shoulder but a devil in my head.
Making decisions must be so hard.
A wild toad's french revolution in attempt of bringing freedom to his people.
Looks like hair and makeup didn't really help much.
The frog probably could have done better without the eyebrows.
Two frogs from different universes participating in a forbidden love.
The real star crossed lovers.
"Hello, hi, may I help you with something?"
The frog must be employee of the month.
Just Leia and Akbar hanging out together.
I've never noticed how similar the two looked until now.
A Princess Leia and Kermit the Frog hybrid?
Not sure how I feel about this one.
Wow, such beautiful wall decor!
I love how modern everything looks.
When Princess Leia is trying to deliver a message to you.
But there's something about her face that distracts you.
A limited edition painting from the series "Nightcroaks."
Get your hands on one now before it sells out.
"Now let's drop the beat."
Didn't know this frog could look anymore badass.
"Jackhammer Todd here at your service whenever you need something jackhammered."
When the snails multiply to create an entire set of hair.
Didn't know snail hair could look so good.
"Aren't you a little short there, stormtrooper?"
"I could probably step on you."
The legend, the king of rock n' roll.
Women loose their minds when he shakes his hips.
Fifteen minutes can save you fifteen percent.
Make the right choice when choosing your auto insurance.
Add a beard and a sword and you've got yourself Gerard the warrior.
"This is Sparta!!!!!"
Scoot over Eleven, "Stranger Things" has a new main character now.
Doesn't the frog make the movie poster more complete?
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