Hilariously Relatable Comics About Adulthood
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Hilariously Relatable Comics About Adulthood
"Responsibilities" "Job" "Bills"
atomy of ages
-infant: scream, eat, crap pants, scream, eat, crap pants, scream, sleep/crop pants
-child: demand things, mess things, break things, refuse things, fall off things, "but I'm not tired"
-teen: sleep, mope, complain, slam door, ask for ride
-adult: work, sleep
-senior: eat dinner, chair sitting, sleep, get up
New year's eve when you're a kid:
New year's eve in college:
New year's eve in 20's:bff
New year's eve in 30's: zzzz
Adult : "I'm an adult now! I can have ice cream whenever I want!"
"But that's be really bad for me.... I probably shouldn't"
"No god damn it! I do what I want!"
'I hate my self'
"If you're not tired, you're not doing it right"
How well I sleep
At work / Watching a movie / Driving / Lying in my own bed at night
How it looked.
How it felt.
Child hood fear: Doctors / Adult fear: Doctor's bills
Child hood fear: Bad dreams / Adult fear: Unfulfilled dreams
Child hood fear: Strangers / Adult fear: Crippling social anxiety
Child hood fear: Monsters / Adult fear: Children
Child hood fear: Haircuts / Adult fear: Bad haircuts
Child hood fear: Clowns / Adult fear: Clowns
How to make friends as an adult
step1. Latch onto their leg firmly.
step2. Never let go
"sigh... wanna play Mario Kart?"
Being an adult is too hard..
"Much Better!"
"Hey dude"
"Wanna pay some bills?" -Adult responsibilities
mmmmmm... no thanks
Welcome to the working week.
Sunday.. Monday... More Monday.... "Ahhhh!"
Seriously, What the hell, Monday?
How coffee works
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