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  • People’s Deepest And Darkest Fears Turned Into Comics (New Pics)
The light was broken in the guest room. On the wall was painting of a face. I barely slept. The next morning, I saw......the painting was actually a window.
If I fall asleep with my arm hanging off my bed, something under the bed holds my hand while I sleep.
I am five feet tall. When I'm at the subway, I always wait at least six feet from the tracks. That way, if anyone tries to kill me, I'll fall short.
Late at night, when I'm alone, I hear quiet voices calling my name. I worry that my life is a dream, I really in a coma, and the voices are my family trying to wake me up.
Sometimes my migraines hurt so much, I wish I could pop off my head, cradle it like a baby, and hold it until the pain goes away.
My dad's terminally ill. My mom, my sister, and I work all day. Everyday when I walk home from the train station, I'm afraid he'll be gone.
My gradma used to say: Someday, you will wake up, (click) and you will be old.
When I come home late at night, I kick my door open, so anyone hiding behind it will be knocked out before they can get me.
When I'm scared late at night, I comfort myself with this thought: If I get killed by a ghost, at least I'll know there's an afterlife.
When I was little I was afraid that my dolls would watch me sleep, so I would cover their cradle with a blank and a pile of books so they couldn't escape.
I try not to pick my nose while driving. I worry that I'd get into a crash, and I'd fatally poke my brain, and everyone would know how I died.
When praying, saying 'Amen' is like hanging up the phone. If you don't say it when you're done, god will think you're still praying, and there will be misunderstandings.
Whenever I'm leaving an empty elevator, I try to say something positive, just in case there are any ghosts having a rough time.
A long time ago, I was camping with my family. I saw some fireflies off in the woods, but my mother told me to stay away. They were the eyes of the ghosts.
I asked my parents why I could never remember the moment I fell asleep. They told me it's because I am a cyborg that they shut down each night.
When I was a kid, we had a folding bed. I worried it would close with me inside. Years later, my parents would find my mummified remains.
After dinner, my mother wouldn't let me sweep the floor, so the dead people could eat our breadcrumbs at night.
When I'm using eye drops, I always worry that the bottle was switched with a bottle of superglue, and my eyes will be glued shut forever.
An abandoned factory was on our walk home. On the top floor, we saw a girl at the corner window. We snick inside, but up in the top corner room, there was no window at all.
If there are empty chairs in your room when you go to bed... That's where ghosts sit while they watch you sleep.
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