This pilot couple traveling around the world together defines #relationshipgoals
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  • This pilot couple traveling around the world together defines #relationshipgoals
This pilot couple traveling around the world together defines #relationshipgoals
Eser currently has 59.5k followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts photos of herself in the cockpit and around the world.
The pair met at the airport. "He was just about to finish his flight school, and I just started flying," Eser told INSIDER. They began talking on Facebook, and met up soon after. "At our first meeting I fell for him instantly," she said. "This is over five years ago, and I'm still crazy about him!"
“It was really a dream wedding and honeymoon," Eser said.
Somehow, Eser had the energy for this boat ride in Amsterdam after flying 6,200 kilometers from Kyrgyzstan.
While Eser works part-time, flying jets for three weeks each month and taking one week off, Volkan makes use of his time off to travel with his wife. And although they plan their trips ahead of time, Eser and Volkan sometimes have to change plans quickly or book a last-minute vacation to suit their busy work schedules.
They are well-suited travel companions. "You will rarely see us hanging around the pool the whole day, or just baking at the beach," Eser said.
“It's the diversity of our adventures that I love," Volkan said. "We really make the effort to adapt to the soul of [each] country."
“We both are very active people," Eser said. "We love to dive, [go] snorkeling, [and] go on excursions."
Eser and Volkan certainly aren't averse to using a selfie stick to capture their travels.
“I feel really lucky because traveling is my favorite thing to do in life and I can do it with my best friend, love and my wife," Volkan said.
Eser admits that the first time she and Volkan went traveling together, it "was a complete disaster, but we didn't give up!" She says that it's important to "try to adapt and learn from your mistakes," and to "find out what you and your partner like, [and] support each others' interests."
“You might encounter problems in your journey but believe me you will see [and] eat amazing things during traveling" that ultimately make it worth the hard times, he said.
She also suggests spending less time looking at your smartphone and more time enjoying the company of your partner.
They want to visit places like Japan, the Galapagos Islands, and Rwanda, and cross all the world wonders off their list. They also hope to take their family to the Seychelles again to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in 2020.
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