How the new 'Beauty and the Beast' cast compares to the original animated characters
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  • How the new 'Beauty and the Beast' cast compares to the original animated characters
How the new 'Beauty and the Beast' cast compares to the original animated characters
Emma Watson stars as Belle. While her outfits differ slightly from the original designs, we think Disney nailed Belle's overall look and especially her hairstyles.
Dan Stevens plays the cursed prince. His blue eyes match, but Disney put more of an 18th century France twist on his aesthetic.
Dan Stevens also voices the Beast, who was rendered for the new movie using CGI and other visual effects.
Belle's father, Maurice, is played by Kevin Kline. He appears slightly younger and less portly than the animated character.
Luke Evans portrays Gaston — the narcissistic huntsman who is especially good at expectorating.
Gaston's goofy crony LeFou is played by comedic actor Josh Gad. Josh Gad's iteration of LeFou will be Disney's first ever openly gay character.
Even the village's triplets who swoon over Gaston got an upgrade from Disney. They're now brunette, and appear to be less cartoonishly sexualized.
In the Beast's enchanted castle, Lumiere and Cogsworth are the best dynamic duo. The remake went with a more realistic candlestick and clock.
Ewan McGregor plays Lumiere — here's what he looks like in human form:
Cogsworth is played by Sir Ian McKellan. He's got the mischievous facial expression nailed down.
Mrs. Potts and her son Chip were also given the "realistic" treatment.
Mrs. Potts is portrayed by Emma Thompson. Disney hasn't released a look at the human-version of Chip yet, but we're sure he'll be adorable.
Plumette the feather duster was drastically changed for the live-action movie. Instead of a standard duster, she now has an ornate bird-shaped handle (and she flies!).
Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Plumette, also with a more 18th century costume and overall look.
And, last but not least, Madame Garderobe is far less cartoonish, with a moving curtain for a mouth.
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