10 Happy Meal toys every kid from the 90s was obsessed with
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10 Happy Meal toys every kid from the 90s was obsessed with
1. Mini furbies 
Their eyes were just as creepy as the real ones, but thankfully, these pint-sized plastic versions didn't talk to you.
2. Sky dancers 
Is it even possible to count how many hours you wasted launching these beautiful creatures into the air?
3. Mighty ducks pucks 
Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series took the Mighty Ducks franchise to a weird alien place, but at least we got these surprisingly sturdy hockey pucks out of it.
4. Michael Jordan fitness fun 
In the 1990s, to know Michael Jordan (or to watch him in Space Jam ) was to love him, so why would you not want a set of sports equipment with his face plastered all over it?
5. Teenie beanie babies 
The '90s will forever be remembered as the time McDonald's helped you hack the system when your parents wouldn't buy you any more full-size beanie babies .
6. 101 Dalmatians figurines 
Yes, The Golden Arches actually produced 101 different animal figurines — and yes, you can buy the collector set online for a couple Benjamins.
7. Tiny toons flip cars 
These cars couldn't do more than be pushed around, but when you flipped them over, a different character would be in the driver's seat. And that was enough. It was really enough.
8. Disney masterpiece collection 
McDonald's knew the last thing any '90s home needed was another VHS tape — so they stuffed their mini cases with plastic dolls of Cinderella, Aladdin, and pals.
9. Mighty morphin power rangers 
You would go as many times as necessary to get the right color .
10. The Little Mermaid
Only one out of every 10 Little Mermaid toys was painted gold , and getting one felt better than scoring the winning shot of Horse against the tallest 5th grader.
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