HBO just unveiled a peek at 15 new costumes for these 'Game of Thrones' characters
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  • HBO just unveiled a peek at 15 new costumes for these 'Game of Thrones' characters
HBO just unveiled a peek at 15 new costumes for these 'Game of Thrones' characters
First up is Daenerys, all dressed up for winter. Her new structured dress is lined with fur, and completed with a cloak fastened by a three-headed dragon clasp. In the latest season seven teaser, we saw Daenerys in Dragonstone— the castle where Stannis Baratheon lived. Her new throne looks pretty awesome, and we can't wait to see her finally in Westeros.
Tyrion is looking fabulous as the Hand of the Queen in a new striped top with leather sleeves, and that striking silver pin that marks him as Hand.
Keeping with the new black theme, Missandei has an updated version of the outfit she wore throughout season six.
Last we saw Theon Greyjoy, he was part of Daenerys' fleet. His armor featuring the Greyjoy kraken emblem looks about the same, just with black sleeves.
We are pumped to see The Hound is also rocking black leather. At first, this had us worried he was returning to team Lannister, but black is just clearly the color of the season.
Arya's new leather and furs deviate from the theme. She's clad in rich brown and grey fur — very Stark of her.
Bran is also rocking a mix of black and brown. Is he finally going to join up with his siblings in Winterfell?
Jon Snow is looking warm and regal as King in the North in his fancy furs. We love the peek of his Valyrian steel sword Longclaw here.
Sansa is pure Stark in this grey and black outfit. Her silver necklace is also an updated version of a piece of jewelry she wore throughout season five.
Brienne seems to match Sansa — and her hand over her heart is a clear indicator that her oath to protect Sansa is still her character's main drive.
Davos looks about the same — we hope he remains a loyal advisor to Jon.
Tormund has no use for the fancy furs of the north — he's still rocking that Wildling garb.
Further south, Queen Cersei is striking in her black gown with embroidered silver shoulder pads.
Jaime is also keeping with the black theme, though his golden hand should be remade as silver if he really wants to match.
And then we have Varys — whose robes seem unchanged. You never know what the Master of Whisperers might do, though.
BONUS: Just to make us weepy, HBO also threw in a clip of Hodor — R.I.P.
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