Here’s where to find the best rainbow food from around the world
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  • Here’s where to find the best rainbow food from around the world
Here’s where to find the best rainbow food from around the world
Eisdieler, an ice cream shop in Linz, Austria, serves up "Magic Unicorn Ice." According to the creamery, the coloring on this fun ice-cream is made of spirulina (algae), green apple, raspberry, mango, and lemon. It even comes with a unicorn sticker!
Eat rainbows for breakfast at the Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York. These bagels have been taking Instagram by storm, so you may as well go ahead and give them a try. Their latest addition, the "Bedazzled Bagel," involves glitter sprinkles!
Piggy Back Café in Jindalee, Brisbane, might just have the cutest coffees around. The self-proclaimed "masters of rainbow coffee" are known for their artsy and colorful lattes. Not a caffeine lover? They also serve up some adorable unicorn hot chocolate.
Cheese lovers can't get enough of this rainbow grilled cheese from Chomp Eatery & Juice Station in Santa Monica, California. The signature sandwich is known as the "unicorn melt," and made with provolone, white American cheese, and lots of food coloring.
Hotel Cafe Royal, in London, UK, has also jumped on the rainbow trend by selling rainbow croissants. The colorful croissants are baked daily at Café Papillon in London, and then delivered to the hotel.
Moe's Doughs, a doughnut shop in Brooklyn, New York, is selling rainbow cake doughnuts. It doesn't get much better than that.
THE LOOP: Handcrafted Churros, located in Westminster, California, brings their churros to the next level by adding rainbow sprinkles. To top it all off, the churros are served in a cup of icecream.
Thai restaurant Dek Sen, in Queens, New York, serves up 20-layer rainbow crepes. Each colorful layer is separated by a coat of whipped cream, creating a light and fluffy stack that's as delicious as it is cute.
Daily Chiko, located in Tokyo, Japan, is known for its eight-layer rainbow soft serve. The “Tokudu Soft Cream” is so big and beautiful it's served as a challenge.
Imperial Lamian in Chicago, Illinois, serves up rainbow dumplings. Each color is rich with a different flavor.
Pearl's Finest Teas in Los Angeles, California, has one of the prettiest drinks around. Their Orange Yuzu hibiscus tea is known for its vibrant shades of blue, purple, and yellow.
Ted's Bulletin, located in Washington, D.C., makes a rainbow breakfast tart that is known for transporting adults back into their childhoods.
The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, located in New York City and Philadelphia, is known for coating its ice cream in rainbow sprinkles. Inside the shop, customers are also greeted with a plethora of rainbow décor.
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