The 25 Best Water Fountains In The Entire World.
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  • The 25 Best Water Fountains In The Entire World.
The 25 Best Water Fountains In The Entire World.
#1. Water Boat Fountain in Valencia, Spain
Lots of people have heard about some of the beautiful fountains around the world but never actually have seen them. Today we will change that for you. Starting with this boat beauty in Spain.
#2. Vortex Fountain ‘Charybdis' in Sunderland, UK
Movies help us see some of them right in our homes. Like the awesome Bellagio Fountain in Vegas or the Trevi Fountain that's in Rome. This Vortex Fountain can be found in the UK and is a sight to see.
#3. Magic Tap in Cadiz, Spain
There are more of these beauties around the world than you might think. Very interesting pieces as well like this one in Spain. Look at it for a few minutes and figure out how it was built.
#4. Giant – Entrance To The Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens, Austria
This one in Austria will wow you like many others you will see today. Look at the amount of work that must have gone into this one.
#5. Osaka Station Fountain-Clock in Osaka, Japan
The beauties are located in such places like, but not limited to, Sunderland, Stockholm, China and Peru. This fountain clock in Osaka is a sight to see.
#6. ‘The Mustangs Of Las Colinas’ in Texas, USA
There are some really quirky, beautiful and clever fountains all over the globe. This one in Texas though is more interesting than beautiful.
#7. Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea
Some of the fountains move, some rotate and some light up. This beauty in South Korea lights up at night to give you this breathtaking view.
#8. Nine Floating Fountains in Osaka, Japan
These floating fountains in Osaka can be seen two ways. It can look like they are floating or maybe it loos like they are taking off. Very cool either way.
#9. Fountain Metalmorphosis in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
This is an odd one that you can find in Charlotte, North Carolina. It moves so at one point it looks like a human being but at another time it doesn't.
#10. Fountain “Tunnel Of Surprises” in Lima, Peru
This Tunnel of Surprises located in Peru is a beautiful sight. The color and the reflection make it something you'll want to see in person for sure.
#11. Mosaïcultures Internationales in Montreal, Canada
These beauties in Montreal, Canada can't be seen by the public right now. The park is currently closed but hopefully it will open up soon so we can see these cool fountains in person.
#12. ’71 Fountain’ in Ohio, USA
Ohio is the location for this stunning piece of work. It has a very unique look to it while letting the water make some pretty cool designs itself.
#13. Nacka Fountain in Stockholm, Sweden
This beauty in Sweden looks like a full arch. The way the light reflects off of the water gives it an awesome look at night.
#14. Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
We spoke of the Trevi Fountain earlier and it certainly is one of the beauties of the world. It's located in Rome, Italy and if you ever get to see it in person, plan on spending at least an hour to see everything it holds.
#15. Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Fountain in Ancient City, Thailand
This cool fountain can be found in Thailand. The dragons are always a very cool look and you can just imagine what it looks like at night when it's all lit up.
#16. Julie Penrose Fountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Colorado Springs, Colorado is the sight of the awesome Julie Penrose Fountain. It's brilliantly designed and you can actually get right up underneath it and feel the mist of the water.
#17. The Fountain Of Wealth in Suntec City, Singapore
Singapore is the home to the Fountain of Wealth. It sure looks inviting to check out closer doesn't it? During the day when it's not all lit up it is still just as impressive.
#18. Cascades Of Hercules Monument in Kassel, Germany
In Germany you can find the Cascades of Hercules Monument. The water rolls down the stairs into the large area at the bottom. You can actually walk the stairs along side the water for some great views.
#19. Unisphere Fountain in NYC, New York USA
This beautiful fountain can be found in New York City. It was made as part of the World's Fair back in the 60's and it is still there today.
#20. Keller Fountain in Portland, Oregon, USA
If you ever get to Portland, Oregon you'll definitely want to check out Keller Fountain. Just one glance at this and you'll see why it should be on your "must see" list.
#21. Stravinsky Fountain in Paris, France
This one is a bit different and is located in Paris, France.
#22. Volcano Fountain in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Unfortunately this Volcano Fountain has been destroyed and is no longer available to see. Look at the levels of water and the size of this thing. Anyone who was lucky enough to see it in person must have certainly enjoyed themselves.
#23. Toilet Bowl Waterfall in Foshan, China
These are certainly no questions as to why people want to take a picture of this when they come across it. Located in China, it certainly is a bit different than the other beauties we have seen today.
#24. Crown Fountain in Chicago, Illinois, USA
This oddity can be found in Chicago. The giant pool is being filled through the mouths of a person at each end. It's a bit different and it looks like it might be a bit scary to the kids.
#25. ‘The Divers Fountain’ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Do you have a favorite? Have you seen any of these in person? Like maybe this very interesting on that's located in Dubai.
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