Stylish Older Couples Who Proved Aging Is Just A Myth.
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  • Stylish Older Couples Who Proved Aging Is Just A Myth.
Stylish Older Couples Who Proved Aging Is Just A Myth.
Bon and Pon have been married for 37 years.
That is more than enough time for this Japanese couple to have a wardrobe that matches.
Their Instagram account bonpon511 has over 490,000 followers waiting to see their latest fashion pic.
The social media Instagram bio is appropriately described as "couple | over60 | grayhair | fashion | coordinate."
Günther and Britt Krabbenhöft are considered, "Berlin's hipsters."
This power couple's fashion sense has landed them various modelling contract.
Not only do they dress to compliment each other, they love to spend their nights in Germany's top nightclubs.
Günther's motto is simple "Live wild and dangerous."
Nazare and Eduardo Pinel from Portugal are not your typical elderly couple.
Nazare for one owns a tattoo parlour in Sintra. The couple loves the rock and roll life while donning vintage fashion.
Nazare uses the hashtag #retroliving to describe their life.
She also happens to be a vegan.
Nazare shares her travel and day-to-day life on Instagram.
She admits to being a, "travel addict."
Karen Weber and Greg Dukes from Great Britain like to show that being elderly doesn't mean boring clothes.
They have their separate Instagram accounts where their sense of fashion and love of fun is apparent.
Greg is usually wearing classic, tailored pants, and jackets but with a twist.
Vibrant colours, polished hairdos, and coordinating outfits make them hard to ignore anywhere they go.
Just look at Weber's outfit of British soldiers throughout history.
She called this hairstyle her #poodlehair.
Paul and Tutti have been married for almost 40 years.
The Aussies's fashion sense is eclectic, colourful, and fun.
Tutti may be older but she admits on her Instagram bio "Still don't know what I want to be when I grow up."
Tutti's fashion sense coincides with her view on life.
"I LOVE being silly," she captions.
"It's fun and it's funny and laughter is the best medicine for dealing with life," she reveals.
Stan and Debra were together 10 years before finally making it official.
A couple that shops together, stays together.
The lovebirds love to thrift shop together.
They love nothing more than find a unique piece that is also a great bargain.
Dolores and Allan have been together for over 30 years.
Dolores says Allan allow her to "create herself." He countered with "It’s not a question of allow I could no more stop you than I could fly to the moon."
Bill and Eva have been married for 44 years.
Bill admits he was drawn by Eva's sense of style which is very present even today.
This couple oozes classic and effortless style.
Valerie opts for a graphic jacket and red hat while Denton keeps it classic with broad straps and thick rim glasses.
Valerie Von Sobel and Derrill Osborn are both fashion icons in their own right.
Osborn is the former director of Neiman Marcus Couture Men's Clothes, while Von Sobel is a Hungarian artist and philanthropist. This photo exudes fashion.
Within two weeks of meeting, Bill told Ann they would be married.
The secret to their over 30-year union is respecting each other, having seven dogs, one parrot, and a bohemian sense of style.
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