Here’s Why Visiting A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bar Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List.
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  • Here’s Why Visiting A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bar Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List.
Here’s Why Visiting A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bar Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List.
Sick of waiting for season 7 of Game of Thrones to come out already?
Come enjoy a beer at a new 3,000-square-feet pop-up bar in Washington D.C. dedicated to the HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's novels.
The bar opened on June 21st.
Drink Company and Ommegang Brewery have teamed up to transform three of its four bars (Mockingbird Hill, Southern Efficiency and Eat the Rich) into the "pop-up bar."
You can enter any one of the three and gain a memorable experience.
The three bars were redecorated entirely to reflect the realms of The House of Black and White, The North, the Red Keep and Meereen.
-The bar even has the "Hall of Faces" from The House of Black and White.
Drink Company cleverly decided to fill the "Hall of Faces" with plastic molds of their own employees, friends and family.
Although they've dedicated past pop-up bars to past themes like Super Mario Brothers or Stranger Things, it was only a matter of time until Drink Company's CEO Angie Fetherston dedicated one to the cult HBO series.
“To quote the great George R.R. Martin, ‘there has to be a level of joy of what you’re doing,’ and we believe Game of Thrones is the seminal show of this decade,” said Fetherston in a statement.
And the bar definitely did not skimp out on the details!
In addition to the Hall of Faces, the bar also features Daenarys' dragons, which were created by artists Andrew Herndon and Andrew Funk. Herndon painted the murals on the wall while Funk created the 3D dragon's head that spews out "smoke."
Drink Company wanted the bar to be collaboratively designed.
Special projects director Matt Fox and manager Adriana Salame Aspiazu hired several local artists to come in and design different components of the space.
But of course, a bar isn't accommodating to the theme unless its drinks are too.
The bar has created a few cocktails named in spirit of the show. Guests can order The North Remembers: a mixture of Scotch, Cointreau, cloroso, falernum, and coconut and pineapple gomme.
They can also order The Lannisters Send Their Regards.
This cocktail is a concoction of vodka, Contratto bitter, fino sherry, lemon, strawberry and sparkling water. Don't worry, you can also opt out for Ommegang Brewery's Bend the Knee -- the official Game of Thrones beer.
If you're more into wine, you can order The Imp's Delight, which uses two fortified wines (probably what Tyrion Lannister drinks).
If you want to get a little wild with some tequila, you can order a tequila and grapefruit tonic drink called Shame, which is most likely in dedication to Cersei Lannister's "walk of atonement."
For a more decorative drink, you can order the Dracarys, a sherry mai tai with salt that has a mini dragon hanging off of the side.
Although the Dracarys is named after Daenerys' call to the dragons, you won't find any fire on the cocktail. You can, however, find burnt star anise on the Dothraquiri.
There are two cocktails that come with very special glassware.
So special that the bar requires the customers to temporarily give up their ID as collateral. Thieves who try to steal such precious items will have to pay the iron price!
It's not all about the drinks. The bar will also be providing a few snacks.
But don't get your hopes up for any fine dining. Because the team thought a food service would only slow everything else down, they decided to just offer snacks like beef jerky and spiced nuts.
-The show's epic soundtrack will also be playing in the background throughout the bar.
But the show's references don't stop there! “What really gives people the experience, in my opinion, is how much the staff and the guests get into it,” Fetherston said.
Both employees and customers would come into the bar fully dressed up like one of the characters.
“We had a staff [member] on the first day show up in full Unsullied armor, or dress up like Khaleesi in different seasons. Similarly with the guests, they really buy in, participate and enhance the experience by diving into it like that.”
This particular space is actually well known for being various creative pop-up bars.
The most recent themed space was dedicated to cherry blossoms. It had lines that would quickly develop and circle around the block just to enter. We expect nothing less for the new Game of Thrones bar!
The only missing part of this Game of Thrones bar is weekly screenings of the new episodes.
However, it's better of this way as the bar is far too crowded and loud of a place to actually watch an episode that'll need a viewer's complete and utter attention.
The series' long awaited seventh season will be coming out this July 16th.
This special pop-up bar will stay open and available until the show's season finale, which is scheduled to air on August 27th.
The bar is located on 7th Street North West.
We highly recommend taking the Shaw Metro as it's only a few steps away from the bar! Don't drive there because (1) parking will be extremely hard to find and (2) you're going to be drinking!
However, don't plan to drop by the bar on any Sunday nights!
The bar closes at 7pm every Sunday night so everyone can get home in time to watch the latest episode. “We didn’t have a choice; the three-eyed raven picked us, ,” Fetherston said. “This PUB is our love letter to the Seven Kingdoms and we cannot wait to share it with fellow fans.”
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